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The purpose and meaning of a totem pole varies by culture. In some cultures, totem poles symbolize beliefs, while others serve decorative...

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Given the complexity and symbolic meanings of totem pole carvings, their ..... Early tools used to carve totem poles were made of stone, shell, or bone, but ...

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Some totem poles represent stories or important events. On these poles, each figure on the totem represents part of a story. These totems are used as a way to  ...

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Totem poles are monuments created by First Nations of the Pacific Northwest to .... who mistakenly believed totem poles were used in shamanistic rituals.

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Visit this site for information about Native American Totem Poles. ... Burial Pole - totem poles were used as grave markers, grave posts or mortuary totem poles ...

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Long ago totem poles were found to stand 40 feet tall. Today Indian artists continue to carve trees but some are short and used in homes as decoration.

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Totem poles are monumental sculptures carved from great trees, typically .... The poles used for public ridicule are usually called "shame poles", and were ...

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Information about traditional and contemporary American Indian totem poles, with links to totem pole carvers from several tribes.

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FACTS ABOUT NORTHWEST NATIVE AMERICAN TOTEM POLES. • Totems ... White - Used along with other light colors as a background symbolizes skies and  ...

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Mar 23, 2015 ... The totem pole is a monument created by Northwest Coast ... “Shame poles” were a less common element of the tradition, but were used to ...

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Q: What are totem poles used for?
A: For the native americans to dance around and also a place to tell stories and to learn about their ancestry. <><><> The carvings on some totem poles told stories or t... Read More »
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Q: What where totem poles used for?
A: To scrach your back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now go do it Read More »
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Q: Describe what a totem pole is and what they were used for?
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Q: What is meant by totem pole circuit. for what it is used for?
A: A push–pull output is a type of electronic circuit that can drive either a positive or a negative current into a load. Push–pull outputs are present in TTL and ... Read More »
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Q: What materials to use for totem pole for school project?
A: A Totem Pole can be created from discarded plastic Read More »
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