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Cuneiform script


Cuneiform script is one of the earliest systems of writing, distinguished by its wedge-shaped .... When the words had similar meaning but very different sounds they were written with the same symbol...

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Details of the Sumerian cuneiform script, the world's oldest writing system, ... the symbol for arrow, pronounced 'ti', was used to represent the word for life (til).

Sumerian Language and Words, Continued


Him - SU (add to word) He - SU .... Land of the Watchers - SHIN'AR or SUMER Law Case - DINUM .... Tablets (house of scribal tablets) - EDUBBA Take - LEQU

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The name comes from the Latin word cuneus for 'wedge' owing to the wedge- shaped style of writing. In cuneiform, a carefully cut writing implement known as a  ...

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Enable Sumerian True Type Font 11. Development of Cuneiform From Pictographs 12. Sumerian Word for Venus 13. Sumerian Alphabet? 14. Sumerian  ...

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Translate your language into the Babalonian Alphabet. ... See your Words as written in the Babylonian Cuneiform Alphabet ~ Enter up to 240 characters ( about ...

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In about 3200 BC temple officials in Sumer develop a reliable and ... the chief official of many Sumerian temples is known by a word, ...

Linguistics 201: The Invention of Writing


All of them are mixtures of pictograpic word-symbols and symbols for the sound of ... We do know that the Sumerians developed a writing system known today as  ...

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This gave the writing system its name, 'cuneiform', meaning wedge-shaped. ... These sound signs are pictures that get their meaning from how the word for the ...

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The word "cuneiform" comes from the Latin word "cuneus", meaning "wedge". Its script, called cuneiform, meaning "wedge-shaped". Emerging in Sumer in the ...

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Ancient Scripts: Sumerian


By 2800 BCE the writing system started to exhibit use of phonetic elements. As the Sumerian language had a high number of monosyllabic words, there was a ...

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The Sumerians invented writing around 3500 B.C.; but it would be almost 1,000 ... The earliest forms of Sumerian writing were pictographs ("picture words") ...

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History is impossible without the written word as one would lack context in which to interpret ... The Sumerians first invented writing as a means of long-distance ...