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President of the United States


The first power the Constitution confers upon the president is the veto. The Presentment Clause requires any bill passed ...

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This role requires a president to be an inspiring example for the American people . In some nations, the chief of state is a king or a queen who wears a crown on ...

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The President of the United States has specific responsibilities laid out by the U.S. Constitution. In the age of television monitoring, however, the media tends to  ...

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The duties of the Vice President, outside of those enumerated in the Constitution, are at the discretion of the current President. Each Vice President approaches ...

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As Chair of the Board of Directors, the President ensures that the Board of Directors fulfills its responsibilities for the governance of ACTE and implementation of ...

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Just what exactly does the President do all day? The evolving power and enlarging scope of responsibilities have made the modern presidency a very big job.

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Duties of the President: It is very important that the President be something more than a "traffic officer" at meetings. The President is a presiding officer and an ...

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The president is expected to perform a number of duties as part of the office. While the Constitution mentions several of these duties, others have evolved over .

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Duties of the Club President. As your club's president, you will be planning, organizing, and carrying out responsibilities associated with your role as the.

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The club president plans, organizes and carries out responsibilities associated with the club's chief ... Many of these leadership responsibilities are listed below.

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The executive power in the federal government is vested in the President of the United States. The President may sign legislation passed by Congress into law or may veto it.
Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America.
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The president must serve in a number of capacities to fulfill a number of duties. Some of these roles are specified in the Constitution, but most of them have ...

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One of the most important duties of the president of the Republic in the day-to- day life of the country is political control of the legislative activity of the other ...

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When the President is absent from the Republic or otherwise unable to fulfil the duties of President, or during a vacancy in the ...