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A ruler, sometimes called a rule or line gauge, is an instrument used in geometry, technical ... It is rolled up when not in use, taking up little space. A contraction ...

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There are two types of rulers: the English, or fractional, ruler and the metric, or decimal, ruler. Reading a ruler can seem daunting with all the little lines, but it is ...

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The little lines on a metric ruler mark the millimeters between centimeters, while the little lines on an English ruler mark the eighths and 16ths between inches.

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Feb 20, 2016 ... How to read a ruler and understand the fraction markings on a ruler. ... Wooden rulers are used to take measurements and draw straight lines ... The smaller ticks are the eighth-inch ticks and may be the smallest or second ...

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Reading a metric ruler is pretty simple- no fractions, everything converts nicely in factors of 10, ... This instructable may be a little hard to follow if you don't read it through all the ... ... Numerator: The number above the line in a common fraction

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Jul 23, 2009 ... This is the revised video of a math lesson teaching students how to measure line segments in inches and half inches with a ruler. The handouts ...

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A ruler is an object that is used to measure how long things are. Most rulers are 12 inches ... measure many things small and big. For example: a piece of ... The length of the line help you figure out which line is which. Here is a helpful picture:.

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Reading a Ruler II. Date: 11/08/2000 at 19:30:05 From: John Lambert Subject: How do I read a ruler? What do the other little lines on the ruler ...

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You can use the optional "Increment Leve" to learn the larger marks before graduating to the smaller marks. If you use The Ruler Game to learn to read down to ...

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Ruler app for your phone and tablet. Measure everything with beautiful on-screen ruler. Choose between inches and centimeters. Tap the screen to start using ...

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How to read a ruler. ... The red lines on these rulers are marked at 1/2, and 1. Ruler Marked in 1/2s ... Please consider supporting the site with a small donation.

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A standard ruler is 12 inches or 1 foot long. 3 standard rulers measure 1 yard or 36 inches. A ruler that is 36 inches long is called a yard stick. To use a ruler, line  ...

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Ruler measurements will be beneficial to card making and any other craft project you ... The problem for most people is the little lines between the inch marks!