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Most of the stuff in here was found out by either me or Phelix the ... here's a few things to do… ... o Take about 12-15 Moth balls, and put them in the gas tank.


What kind of things will ruin a car engine if we put it into the gas tank? What will ruin a ... the gas tank. Be prepared to replace a new fuel tank in the worst case.


How do you know if a gas tank has been vandalized? Full Answer. Although there are many substances that can damage parts of the engine when put in the fuel tank, most of them do not do any ... What are the symptoms of a bad coil pack ? Q: ...


The only thing to do after this has happened, is rebuild the motor. ... Well, this is the objective, put like a whole box into someones gas tank (preferable when the ...


Mar 17, 2013 ... This could mean a variety of things. Somebody might put sugar in your tank, somebody might syphon the gas right out of your car, or, like the ...


Apr 4, 2017 ... Can Sugar In the Gas Tank Really Kill Your Engine? ... If the sugar got to the fuel injectors or cylinders, it would be bad business for you ... to the bottom of the gas tank and decreases the amount of fuel you can add to the auto.


Will putting sugar in the gas tank ruin a vehicle's engine? ... The desire for revenge runs strong — so strong that it will not let such a little thing as facts get in its way. Accordingly, the best way to ... “Sugar in the Gas Tank Isn't Such a Bad Idea.”


That theory has even been put to the test, when a group of researchers at England's University of Warwick built a racing car that ran on chocolate and was built ...


Jan 26, 2016 ... What's the worst that can happen to your car if you mix up the diesel and the gasoline? ... if a person mistakenly puts diesel into a gasoline car's gas tank? ... Sometimes that doesn't work, and we have to take things apart, and, ...


Aug 21, 2015 ... You accidentally left your gas cap off in rainy weather. Or the gas station you fueled up at has a bad water filter and delivered you a slug of ...