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Chemical process of decomposition


Decomposition in animals is a process that begins immediately after death and involves the ... Keratin is a protein which is found in skin, hair, and nails. ... Under aerobic conditions, fungi and b...

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Crime Scene Investigation · Role of Forensic Pathologist · Hair · DNA Finger Printing ... Putrefaction or decomposition is the final stage following death, produced ... Other enzymes are derived from fungi, such as penicillium and Aspergillus and ... The chief destructive bacterial agent is Cl. welchii, which cause...

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Results 21 - 120 of 800 ... These changes result from eye-related problems that degrade or distort ... ALS degenerative neurological disorder that causes muscle .... in or destruction of hair follicles, and temporary hair loss, arising from ... Underwater blasts may. ... infection of the skin and viscera caused by fungal organisms of ...

Facts About the Fungus Among Us - Live Science


Feb 4, 2016 ... Fungi make up a whole kingdom of living organisms, from ... Tens of thousands of organisms, from mushrooms to mold to yeast, fall .... Fungi that feed on dead organisms — and help in decomposition — are called saprophytes. ... the human genome and disease conditions such as Werner's syndrome.

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a"process"aided"by"bacteria"and"fungi." ... Depending"on"the"cause"of"death," general"condition" of"the"body,"body"size ... decomposition"happens"twice"as" fast"as"underwater" .... used"on"the"fac...



Mar 24, 2010 ... example, they mention that water can cause a "bloodlessness" ... decomposition ( bacterial content, temperature, salinity, and scavengers) differ .... during underwater decomposition. ... fungal growth, color loss, cutis anserina (goose- fleshing), and adipocere. ..... appearance with skin slippage and hair loss...

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Viruses and bacteria are responsible for some of the deadliest diseases in history , such as ... in almost any environment, from subzero Arctic ice to boiling underwater volcanoes. ... Some Egyptian mummies bear scars or other evidence of viral disease. .... Bacteria (along with fungi) are the undertakers of the microbial world.

Viruses, Bacteria, Protists, and Fungi


Because the Protist Kingdom tends to be a “dumping” ground for organisms that don't ... This is why we group protists as being plant-like, animal-like, and fungus- like. ... is available; Form thick, underwater forests that provide a rich underwater ecosystem. ... Most commonly they cause malaria and African sleeping sickness.

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The typical cause for a fungal infection is the turtle being unable to get completely dry. ... The only way to verify that a condition is true Shell-Rot or bacterial in nature, is to ..... This will give a metallic, copper-colored appearance underwater. ... If you do see your turtle shedding with large clumps or strands of hair-like ski...

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The animal fibers consist primarily of protein and are more resistant to decay than vegetable ... insects, microorganisms, and air pollution which, alone or together, cause considerable ... These fibers usually emit the distinct odor of singed hair. .... This solution is lethal to most bacteria, fungal spores, and surface mildews.

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Some 100 Species of Fungus Live on Our Feet


May 23, 2013 ... Fungi (blue-green) and bacteria (pink) surround a hair (yellowish) taken ... of preventing disease-causing microbes from sticking to our skin. ... Microbes break down oils and provide natural moisturizing. ... Underwater Greens.

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Sep 13, 2014 ... Hair (and nails) is composed of keratin which is fairly resistant to ... of huge numbers of different bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi with a moist ...

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Jan 30, 2013 ... Tail rot and fin rot are really secondary to the original problem which could be ... Columnaris: This bacteria will attack sites of injury but will cause fin, tail and mouth rot. ... This leads to a bacterial and/or fungal infection on the fish. ...... for too long just like a person doesn't want to be underwater fo...