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Knowing the 4 Main Beef Cattle Breeds - Gear Patrol


Oct 29, 2012 ... let's explore the breeds of cattle that end up on your plate — putting a face .... Our staff picks the best trailers and videos from around the web.

Cow (Cattle) breed comparisons - Bovine Bazaar


The breed starts with cows that are very strong, fertile and polled. .... are the complement of the two breeds from which they are derived.... the best of both breeds.

Choosing a Dairy Cow: Breeds | The Well Fed Homestead


May 2, 2013 ... Known for: large quantity of milk, long lifespan, sturdiness & strength, ability to stay in lactation longer than other breeds, best milk for cheese ...

Our Cattle - Seriously Quiet - Miniature Cattle


When you are serious about breeding miniature cattle both these things make ... The benefits of having very quiet cattle far outweigh any amount of time we have  ...

A Guide to Selecting Small Cattle for Small Farms | Farmstyle Australia


The breed's quiet temperament, small size, being naturally polled with no inherent dwarfism gene makes them an affordable alternative to other breeds of cattle ...

Top Eighteen Best Milk Producing Cattle Breeds in the World


Mar 20, 2012 ... Many breeds are raised for beef production and many breeds are raised for milk production or both. Here are the best cattle breeds that ...

Cattle Breeds - The Smallholder Series


The milk of the Brown Swiss cow is coveted by cheese makers. The volume of milk plus the protein produced by Brown Swiss makes the best milk for the fluid ...

Black Angus Cattle - quiet or crazy?


Just make sure you buy quiet ones and you won't have any problems. We have .... I have worked with many different breeds of cattle but mostly Angus. I believe ...

How to Start a Cattle Farm: Your Guide to Breed Selection


The many breeds and types of cattle have a wide variety of characteristics that ... utilize these breeds, when choosing animals that might best fit your interests, ...

Choosing Your Beef Cattle Breeds - Grass-Fed-Solutions


Learn how to choose the right beef cattle breeds to suit your environment, your ... that you should consider in your search for the best cattle breed for your farm: ...

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How to Choose the Best Breed of Cattle | Tractor Supply Co.


The choices are practically endless when you consider the dozens of beef breeds and composite breeds, or mixed breeds that combine the best characteristics ...

Best Cows for Beginners (farmers, grain, calves, water) - Rural ...


What would be the best kind/breed of cattle to get started. In this area, Angus or other breed black cows have calves that bring the highest $ at ...

Selecting a Beef Breed | Publications | UGA Extension


Oct 18, 2010 ... New cattle producers frequently ask, “Which breed should I choose? ... Work toward calving 30 to 60 days prior to the best forage season in ...