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Merle is a pattern in a dog's coat. "Merle" comes in different colors and patterns. Some have blue patches throughout and are considered blue "merle"; same ... In addition to...

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As a common instance, blue eyes are presented in only a few dog breeds. So, what dogs can have blue eyes? Siberian Husky Australian Shepherd Dalmatians  ...

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Dogs, regardless of the color of the coat can have blue eyes. This is a Siberian Husky and Australian Shepherd. However, there are dog breeds that for white ...

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In other words, all liver dogs (bb) have amber eyes, and so do blue and isabella dogs ... This mixed breed has wall eyes, but is not a merle (the greyish areas are  ...

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Find and save ideas about Blue Eyed Dog on Pinterest, the world's catalog of ideas. ... Cats: Top 5 Healthiest Dog Breeds See more about Dog Breeds, Cute Dogs and Blue Eyes. ...... Some dogs-mostly huskys breeds- have different eye color.

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Oct 5, 2016 ... Eye color in dogs is not breed-specific. Blue eyes, specifically, are understood to be the result of a recessive gene. This Buzzle write-up tells ...

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The most typical and well-known dog breeds with blue eyes are the Siberian Husky and Australian Shepherd. In these two breeds, the blue eye gene is ...

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Jul 10, 2015 ... Did you know that bicolored eyes can occur in many breeds? A single blue eye is most common in huskies, Australian shepherds, Great Danes, ... Puzzled Puppy Has No Clue Where The Rain Is Coming From, Too Cute.

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Jul 7, 2014 ... Dogs with one blue eye suffer from the misconception that eye must be blind. ... Have someone sit behind the dog and cover one eye. ... Shepherd, Dalmatians, Cathoulas, or Huskies, however, no breed is immune to it.

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No matter what the breed or breed type, all dogs have strong jaws, sharp pointy .... sleek mouse-gray to silver-gray coat and light amber, blue-gray, or gray eyes.