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What Breed of Large Dog Has a White Coat With a Speckled Nose & Blue Eyes?
Several dog breeds (and mixes thereof) can have white coats and blue eyes. To determine the breed of dog, ask a veterinarian, the owner or, if it's your dog, perform a DNA test to determine the breed.... More »
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Coat (dog)


Modern breeds of dog exhibit a diverse range of coat colorings, patterns, ... An animal that has at least one copy of the B allele will have a black nose, paw pads .... c<sup>b</sup>/c<...

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The is a large and versatile terrier dog breed originating from the Aire valley in Yorkshire, England. .... Blue speckled coats may or may not have black, blue, or tan markings. ... nose. Their almond shaped eyes are a solid shade or a combination of brown, blue or merle. .... Usually has white or grey hairs around the muzzle.

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A ticked coat has light and dark bands that alternate around each hair with the tips ... in both long and short hair, normally has a spotted or ticked, brown tabby pattern. .... The nose and paw pads should be brick red with large amber or green eyes. ... The Chartreux is a sweet, European breed with its coat being a blue-gray  ...

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Information on all AKC recognized dog breeds including pictures, fast facts, history, ... The head is large and smooth with powerful jaws and muzzle, and a distinct stop. ... the American Eskimo Dog has pointed, erect ears and an impressive coat. ... If blue, the acceptable colors and markings are blue, black, white and tan that ....

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Our team has extensive experience with dog kennels, puppy. ... They have a coat of various colours, although pure breeds don't have white markings. ... They have small and erect ears, dark brown eyes, broad, and black nose, black lips, and pink tongue. .... They are large, muscular dogs with eyes that are blue, brown or a  ...

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Nose Pigment, Coat Color and Markings, and Eye Color ... I put a picture of a blue merle Aussie below, showing her as a puppy and at 8 months of age. ... a small dilute spot or two, it's not as big a deal as if there are large areas of dilution or many dilute spots. ... It shows more since he has less white than some Aussies.

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Splashed: A splashed Chihuahua typically has large splashes of color over a solid ... Merle: A Merle is actually not a color but a pattern of mottled or marbled colors in a dog's coat. ... Black Spotted on White: A whitish colored dog with black markings or ... True Blues have blue feet pads, nails, noses and sometimes eye rims.

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Canines, The two upper and two lower large, conical, pointed teeth lateral to the ... Champion Tracker (CT), A title conferred by the AKC on a dog who has earned the TD, TDX, and VST titles. ... China eye, A clear or spotted blue, light blue, or whitish eye. ... Most breeds have two coats: an outer coat and an undercoat.

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Detailed information regarding the colors of the Chihuahua dog. ... about the Chihuahua, is that this dog breed has a large variety of colors. ... While some will indeed show a blue tint on the coat, with many you will need to ... Spotted On White ... This puppy has the black coloring around the eyes and muzzle and then white ...

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Q: What Breed of Large Dog Has a White Coat With a Speckled Nose & B...
A: The most common breed that is large, white and has blue eyes is the Siberian husky. Other possibilities are Great Danes, white German shepherd dogs, dalmatians ... Read More »
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Determine your dog's breed(s) by answering questions about them. ... Their fur is black with large white patches between eyes and chest, and possibly around their neck. Their fur is 95% or more ... Their fur is longer on their legs, muzzle and eyebrows. ... Their tongue is blue, black or lavender; or it has blue or black spots.

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It has a silky coat, with its face and ears in a deeper shade, and a curled tail. ... Its ears hang rather low, reaching nearly at the end of the nose when drawn out ... It has long and straight front legs, a long, large head with broad, hanging ears, hazel or brown eyes, ... It has a long tail and a short white coat with no undercoat.

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So any dog can have white markings, whether they're black, blue, liver, .... This irish spotted merle Sheltie has a large amount of white and may be a ... Sometimes the nose is pink or partly pink, and the eyes may be blue in some breeds due to ...

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Jun 24, 2015 ... This breed has a short double coat that comes in black or brown with white and rust ... Dogo has a glossy white coat and features either pink or black eye rims. .... Coat colors of this breed include grey, red-grey, blue-grey and fawn. .... This large dog stands between 24 and 32 inches tall and can weigh ...