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Merle (dog coat)


Merle is a pattern in a dog's coat, "Merle" comes in different colors and patterns. Some have blue patches through out and are considered blue "Merle", same ... In several br...

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Determine your dog's breed(s) by answering questions about them. ... Their fur is black with large white patches between eyes and chest, and possibly around their neck. ... Their nose, which is the furless, nostril-containing area at the end of their muzzle. ... Their tongue is blue, black or lavender; or it has blue or black spots...

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So any dog can have white markings, whether they're black, blue, liver, .... This means that two irish spotted dogs bred together will produce puppies ... This irish spotted merle Sheltie has a large amount of white and may be a piebald carrier. ... Sometimes the nose is pink or partly pink, and the eyes may be blue in some ...

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From A to Z, Affenpinscher to Yorkshire Terrier, we've got your dog breed ... This breed has a short double coat that comes in black or brown with white and rust colored markings. .... Coat colors of this breed include grey, red-grey, blue-grey and fawn. .... This large breed stands between 25 and 28 inches tall and weighs in ...

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They have a coat of various colours, although pure breeds don't have white markings. ... They have small and erect ears, dark brown eyes, broad, and black nose, black .... Alternative Breed Names: Carriage Dog, Plum Pudding Dog, Spotted Coach Dog, ... They are large, muscular dogs with eyes that are blue, brown or a ...

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Recent studies have shown that coat color dilution in several dog breeds is caused by a dilution of the one or ... Always with a black nose, sometimes blue eyes.

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The eyes are round, dark and gleaming, and enhance the monkey-like expression. ... Among the largest of the terriers, the Airedale has a long flat head and a very wiry ... For red speckled Australian Cattle Dogs there should be red mottling with no ... on the coat; blue merles and black Aussies have black noses .. . read more ...

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A ticked coat has light and dark bands that alternate around each hair with the tips ... in both long and short hair, normally has a spotted or ticked, brown tabby pattern. .... The nose and paw pads should be brick red with large amber or green eyes. ... The Chartreux is a sweet, European breed with its coat being a blue-gray  ...

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Its thick, velvety coat is any shade of blue-gray, from ash to slate, with the tips lightly ... This big, muscular breed has large, mobile, tufted ears, long legs and a .... Ocicats look like small, wild, spotted cats, but are a domestic breed created by ... The cat's head should be round, with large, round eyes and a short, snub no...

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White markings on or around the ears are associated with deafness due to lack of ... It's OK for Aussies have eyes that are brown or blue; are amber or yellow eyes acceptable? ... Some other breeds' standards specify that it is only allowed with some coat ... My dog is a dark red bi but his nose is black, so what color is he?

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Merle - Dog Coat Colour Genetics


That means that any black, liver, blue or isabella in the coat, eyes or nose will be merled, ... allele to help them to make it, but double merles often have large white areas where ... The merle allele only occurs in a small selection of dog breeds.

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Its convex muzzle gives it an appearance of a “Roman nose,” complemented by ... It has a silky coat, with its face and ears in a deeper shade, and a curled tail. ... It has long and straight front legs, a long, large head with broad, hanging ears, hazel or brown eyes, ... It has a long tail and a short white coat with no undercoat.

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The is a large and versatile terrier dog breed originating from the Aire valley in ... The American Eskimo Dog is a fluffy white Spitz-type dog that is a member of .... Blue speckled coats may or may not have black, blue, or tan markings. ... If the coat is black or blue merle then there is a black pigmentation on the eyes and nose ...