Did you mean: What Causes Engine Misfiring On Acceleration And Climbing Hills?
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What could cause my car to misfire under load, like climbing a hill ...


A misfire under load complaint can usually be broken down into 2 categories. ... The transmission downshifts and the engine revs up to about three thousand ...

Engine Troubleshooting from Greg's Engine & Machine


My vehicle lacks power on hills but is fine on flat roads; Engine shakes while .... During acceleration this misfire gets so extreme it can cause the engine to stall.

Engine Misfire/Sputter - Discussion on Topix


Jan 25, 2011 ... I have a 2008 Equinox LT FWD with the 3400 motor in it with 89,000 miles. ... highways speeds(50-60mpg) under load(going up slight hills) and it would do ... load at lower gears to put a big enough strain to cause it to misfire.

Chevrolet Blazer has no power and engine bogs down - Edmunds


The engine bogs down when first driving. .... sensor due to the light the slow acceleration, but i still had good gas millage. so i am ... manifold causing an intermittent misfire due to an excessively lean mixture. ... I have a 2001 Blazer, last week as I was climbing a hill I attempted to accelerate and heard a "pop" and my...

5 Common Symptoms of a Malfunctioning Fuel Pump | eBay


Next, 5 common symptoms of a malfunctioning fuel pump, including everything from engine misfires to cars that won't ... The loss of pressure causes the engine to sputter. ... The process of acceleration creates an increased demand for fuel by the engine. ... Generally, this occurs when climbing a hill or when hauling a load.

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Apr 22, 2003 ... Trouble shooting the GM 6.5 diesel engine in Hummers and GM ... 2500 RPM on heavy acceleration or up steep grades while trying to ... Now remember these are Florida hills, not mountains. ... That could be causing the misfires. .... Stalling When Climbing on One Side Diesel Fuel Return line Kinked.

Hyundai Tucson Acceleration Problems - Edmunds


No engine lights come on, no overheating, nothing! .... and stutter when I tried to climb hills or increase power, the pump and filter seemed to be the cause.

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Cold temperatures make it harder for an engine to work properly. ... Salt causes rust and gravel pits the paint. ... is hot; A screeching sound when the engine is running; A slow or no starting vehicle; Engine misfire at highway speeds; Hesitant or sluggish acceleration; Engine loses power when climbing hills or pulling trailers.

Classic Inlines - Ignition System & Timing


The ignition system is the part of your vehicle/engine that ignites the ... OEM or coils not designed for your application can overheat, cause misfires, boil over ... If you feel a slight misfire at cruising speeds or hear pinging under hard acceleration, .... This would be a typical situation when climbing a steep hill, or driving at ...



My engine warning light illuminated and my traction control light came ... and rpm fluctuating slightly when giving it gas to climb a hill/incline. .... I had really slow acceleration only about a 40 mph top speed, engine Idled rough, trans shifted harsh. .... circuit can cause an engine misfire P0300–P0308 DTC to

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Diagnose this car problem please [Archive] - Straight Dope Message ...


As I'm accelerating up the hill, it feels like the engine is "missing" or skipping. ... milder accereration -- or does it correspond with foot-to-the-floor acceleration, hill or not? Missing under heavy load -- such as climbing a hill, but also ... While not as likely as the fuel filter, air filter restictions can cause pr...

Misfire and troubleshooting the engine - The MGA With An Attitude


Oct 31, 2005 ... It is often said that for an engine to run you need fuel, air, and spark. ... for a smooth idle and to prevent hesitation on acceleration. ... Near zero valve clearance will also cause misfire, as a valve may ... This condition gets worse under high load, higher speed, or climbing a long hill with higher throttle settin...

454 P30 Chev Misfires When Hot Under Load - Engines - FMCA ...


Nov 14, 2011 ... This happens ofter when pulling up a rolling hill or accelerating briskly from stop. ... It's also known that old spark plugs & plug wires can cause the problem you ... if you floor it and accelerate hard then the motor will start misfiring and popping. ... You also mentioned the issue also happens when climbing...