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Other than proximity there are no particular reasons why grubs attack some plants rather than others. However, the condition of the soil in your yard greatly ...

How to Remove White Grubs from Lawns: 10 Steps


How to Remove White Grubs from Lawns. White grubs are the larvae of various beetles that feed on the fibrous roots of turf grass. The chewing away will cause ...

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1) by the larval stages (grubs) of various species of scarab beetles. ... beetle are occasionally observed in home lawns and may cause significant damage.

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White grubs can be serious lawn pests. Knowing when to control them ... They cause damage to lawns by feeding on the roots of grass. continue reading below  ...

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Mar 31, 2015 ... Lawn grubs live in the soil eating grass roots and leaving your yard brown and unsightly. Taking care of the problem ... Lawn Grubs – How To Get Rid Of Grub Worms .... Dry Lime Fruit – What Causes Dry Limes. On The Blog.

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Several species of white grubs can cause this damage, but the two that are most ... lawn in late summer to early fall may also be a sign of white grubs, especially ...

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In parts of Ontario, there are three species of white grubs which infest lawns ... Grubs of both species cause considerable damage to turfgrass, while the ...

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Jan 1, 2013 ... The bacteria that cause the disease affect only white grubs, and after proper ' inoculation' into a lawn area, remain active in the soil for years.

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Grubs are the young of a wide variety of scarab beetles. The most destructive grubs on home lawns are the larvae of the Japanese beetles and the northern ...

How to kill grub worms and prevent grub damage to your lawn.


When to apply Long Lasting grub control to prevent grub damage. Kill grubs fast with dylox grub control.

What Causes Grubs in Lawns?
Grubs are the young of a wide variety of scarab beetles. The most destructive grubs on home lawns are the larvae of the Japanese beetles and the northern masked chafer, according to the Pennsylvania State University Extension. Other common grubs include... More »
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Lawn grubs, often called white grubs, are the immature form of different scarab beetles, such as Japanese beetles, June “bugs” (beetles) or the European ...

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While a relatively small percentage of lawns will actually get grubs in a given year, this insect can cause serious damage when a significant population occurs  ...

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Protect your lawn by learning how to identify & control grubs. These larvae generally appear late in the summer and can be controlled with the right product.