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... accessories. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. see also Fashion accessory: see also category:Parts of clothing ...

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Glossary of Clothing Terms Terms beginning with T. ... beginning with letter T. Browse the .... A shred of torn cloth; an individual item of torn and ragged clothing .

What clothing items start with the letter t - Answers.com


Tank tops, t-shirts, tuxedo, tube socks, tube top, track pants, (or shorts), thongs, tote bag, toque, tie, tap shoes, toe shoes.

Can you name four items of clothing beginning with the letter T


clothing beginning with T: t-shirt; tights; tam (small hat, much like a beret); tie; tankini (type of 2-piece woman's bathing suit); tennis dress; toga; turtleneck; tutu ...

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Clothing That Begins With Letter S. Item 4345 ... Find and circle the articles of clothing in the puzzle. Word Bank shirt scarf ... r a d n a s r o s t. s s w e a t s o h b.

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Cave-man descriptions don't work over the phone . ... Go down the entire list of clothes and SAY THIS OUT LOUD for each item that you do indeed own & wear!

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Fashion and clothing vocabulary, Fashion and clothing word list - a free resource used ... Inexpensive, Influence, Innovate, Inset, Inspection, Inspiration, Intricate, Item ... T), Tailor, Tailored, Talent, Tapestry, Tassel, Tasteful, Tatting, Technique, ...

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... Word List. Clothes and Things We Wear (29 Words) ... sweater; sweatshirt; t- shirt; tie; trousers; underclothes; underpants; undershirt. If something on our web  ...

List of unusual words beginning with T


Brief definitions of obscure words starting with the letter T. ... tacenda, things not to be mentioned ...... trousseau, clothes collected by a bride for her marriage.

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Jun 28, 2012 ... Costume Ideas For The Letter T. Posted on ... Some of these may be featured in the list, but for others there may be no set costumes and outfits.

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This section of the women's clothing guide is for finding clothes and fashion accessories that starts with the letter T. Are their more clothing categories that start ...

What is clothing beginning with letter T - Answers.com


Can you name four items of clothing beginning with the letter T? clothing beginning with T: * t-shirt * tights * tam (small hat, much like a beret) * tie * tankini (type ...

What are some clothing items that start with the letter "N ...


Some clothing items that start with the letter “n” are negligee, nightgown, necktie and nylons. Nightie and nightshirt also start with the letter “n” and are similar to ...