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The Tudor architectural style is the final development of Medieval architecture in England, ... Courtiers and other wealthy Elizabethans competed to build prodigy houses that proclaimed ... However,...

Rich and Poor Tudors


A description of what life was life for the rich and the poor in 16th century England . ... Rich Tudors built grand houses e.g. Cardinal Wolsey built Hampton Court Palace. ... They must have been very uncomfortable because they did not have springs and ... The Tudors also liked wrestling and 'casting the bar', which was like ...

Poor Tudors: Facts and Information | Primary Facts


Jun 19, 2013 ... Poor Tudor families lived in very basic homes, often in one or two rooms. ... Tudor resources page, or discover what life was like for Rich Tudors ...

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What Do Tudor Houses Look Like? ... Most Tudor houses did not have a toilet. ... Some castles and palaces did have toilets, but it was really just a hole in the ...

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Mar 4, 2014 ... Rich and Poor in Tudor times. ... children would have to work to earn money or help around Houses Poor people houses were like cottages ...

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Unit 8: The lives of rich and poor people in Tudor times. 2000. 1800 ... Can you match the people to their houses? Unit 8: ... Explain why you made the choices you did. Unit 8: ... The rich should use some of their money to help people like me .

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Dec 8, 2011 ... Just like today, rich and poor people lived in very different sorts of houses. Rich people would ... Let's look at where ordinary people lived. Tudor ... The inside of Tudor houses looked very different to the inside of houses today.

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But, when you see them in a modern Tudor style house, they're just being used ... Look out for tall and narrow doors and windows on Tudor houses, as well as ...

The Tudors Rich and Poor by kelge - Teaching Resources - TES


Jun 10, 2012 ... This Power-point describes the lives of rich and poor Tudors, it includes information on clothes, houses and food eaten.

Homes and Lives of the Poor - Tudor Times


A Poor Tudor house would have a hole in the wall for a window; sometimes they would have wooden shutters to keep them warm. They had to sleep on straw ...

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The Poor in Tudor times - Primary Homework Help


poor Tudors The poor had to work hard and struggled to survive. Many poor people lives lived in villages doing farm work or making cloth in their own homes for ...

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Can you design a Tudor house? If a rich merchant in Faversham, living in Tudor times, asked you to design a house for him, what would it look like? Could you ...

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There were Tudor houses for the rich which were the palaces and mansions and Tudor houses for the middle classes and the poor. The most distinctive style of ...