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The 1960's began with crew cuts on men and bouffant hairstyles on women. Men's casual shirts were often plaid and buttoned down the front, while knee-length dresses were required wear for women in most public places.
By mid-decade, miniskirts or hot pants, often worn with go-go boots, were revealing legs, bodywear was revealing curves, and women's hair was either very short or long and lanky.
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False eyelashes were worn by women throughout the 1960s, and their ... Fashions in the early years of the decade reflected the elegance of the First Lady,  ...

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Sep 3, 2015 ... Woman wore unbelievably short skirts and men wore tunics and capes. The foray into ..... Women's Lilac Fashions (1966). Women's Outfits ...

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The 60s are known as one of the most fashion conscious times in history. Styles that began in the decade have had a noticeable influence on the fashions of ...

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Jan 16, 2015 ... Rooted in the the early 1960s "Beat Generation," hippies were about ... Most of the students you see here are wearing off-the-shelf fashions ...

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Nov 24, 2015 ... 1960s Fashion Icons: Meet 25 Women Who Shaped The Swinging ... Dusty Springfield rocked a blonde wig and a column dress like no other.

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You can rock luscious lashes and that style that made people stop in their tracks and necks swivel. Ad .... Stay away from tennis shoes, most women didn't wear sneakers/trainers in the 1960s. Teenage girls .... Did this article help you? Yes No .

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Jul 11, 2014 ... Not having lived through the fashions at the time, I've discovered them via films from the era and stacks of 1960s fashion magazines… so I can ...

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Fashion in the 1960s, Social and cultural features of the 1960s, Australia's social and cultural history in ... Clothing broke with social traditions that dictated what could be worn when and by whom. ... She did not wear stockings, gloves or a hat.

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No suit of the early 60s is more famous or better remembered than that worn by ... would parallel the youth movement yearning for choices which did not mimic ...

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Q: What did people wear in the 60s.
A: In the mid to late 1960s, female "flower children," also called hippies, wore long dresses and flowers in their hair. That was not the norm, though. Most teen g... Read More »
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Q: What did people wear in the 60's and 70's?
A: I'm old and I remember....We wore bell bottoms, vests, suede vest and coats with tons of long swingy fringe, tie dye, jeans that laced up front, earth shoes, pl... Read More »
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Q: What Did People Wear In The 60's?
A: Nehru shirts, hip huggers with flared bottoms, moccasins, tie dyed t-shirts, bandanas, ponchos, beads, big sunglasses, mini skirts, bikinis. Anonymous Read More »
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Q: What did people wear in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s?
A: 60's- look at what the beatles wore in the 60's! 70's- bright bell bottom pants, button down, colorful, loosefit shirt. platform shoes. 80's- look at what Corey... Read More »
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Q: What Clothes Did People Wear in 1935 When They Played Sports?
A: Women's swimwear usually consisted of a two-piece halter top and shorts combination, connected by buttons or other fasteners at the waist, or a one-piece suit w... Read More »
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