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In the 1960s, synthetic fabrics were used for making garments. ... The mini skirt was eventually to be worn by nearly every ...

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Many of today's contemporary “modern” clothing is inspired by mid '60s fashions. A-line mini skirts, contrast collar shift dresses, textured tights, low heel flats and ...

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With it's bright colors, leg revealing lengths, and hyper tailored designs Mod Fashions were a must for the “in crowd”. Designers like Cardin, Emilio Pucci and  ...

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Music became important to the fashions of the 1960s, too. Many of the most popular genres were associated with specific fashion trends that emerged at the  ...

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Now you, yes you, can be that fashion icon and make the 60's back in style. You can rock luscious lashes and that style that made people stop in their tracks and ...

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Jul 11, 2014 ... Not having lived through the fashions at the time, I've discovered them via films from the era and stacks of 1960s fashion magazines… so I can ...

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Menswear greatly evolved during the 1960s to reflect changing social and culture . Suits were typical workday attire. Casual wear was usually slacks, turtlenecks ...

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Jan 29, 2012 ... From tie-dyes to mini skirts, there were many fads and wardrobe staples that made up 60's fashion. The '60s are known as one of the most ...

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Fashion in the 1960s, Social and cultural features of the 1960s, Australia's social and cultural history in ... Clothing broke with social traditions that dictated what could be worn when and by whom. ... She did not wear stockings, gloves or a hat.

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The 1960s was a decade of sweeping change throughout the fashion world generating ... Now, following trends which first appeared in gay fashions, colourful ...

The 1960's began with crew cuts on men and bouffant hairstyles on women. Men's casual shirts were often plaid and buttoned down the front, while knee-length dresses were required wear for women in most public places.
By mid-decade, miniskirts or hot pants, often worn with go-go boots, were revealing legs, bodywear was revealing curves, and women's hair was either very short or long and lanky.
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Jan 15, 2016 ... Early 1960s fashion was more conservative. Late 1960s clothes were the exact opposite. Greaser, mod or ... Women's Lilac Fashions (1966).

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When most people picture women's styles of the 1960s, they immediately think of long-haired hippies wearing floral patterns and peace-sign necklaces.

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1960 Boys Clothes Price: $2.34 - $8.90. Description For boys in 1960, denim jeans and corduroy slacks were popular. Wear the trousers paired with a sweater , ...