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Breeching (boys)


Breeching was the occasion when a small boy was first dressed in breeches or trousers. .... But dresses for boys did not disappear, and again became common from the 1820s, when they were worn at abo...

What did children wear in the 1940s? | Reference.com


During the 1940s, most of the clothing for children was knitted and handmade due to rationing because of World War II. It was especially more economical to ...

BBC Schools - Girls' clothes


Jan 27, 2014 ... Find out about the clothes that girls wore in the early 1900s and during World War One. ... of the uniform at schools where richer people sent their children. ... Teachers' notes to accompany the 'What clothes did people wear?

Children's Experiences during WWII - My Learning


Adults did jobs they wouldn't have done before the war. ... During the war people knitted clothing for soldiers and children were proud of making socks or ...

World War 2 for Kids - Primary Homework Help


Loads of information to help kids learn about World War 2 that is easy to read. ... How did people protect themselves during the war? Children and some women were evacuated from the big cities into the countryside. ... Fashions (Clothes).

dress up as world war II evacuee - Netmums


Help....my 8 yr old dd as to dress up as a world war II evacuee. ... he did this as the real children from that time were supposed to have their gas ...

What Did Children Eat During World War 2?


What Did Children Eat During World War 2? During the Second World War food was in very short supply. The government set up rationing so that everyone ...

Clothes and men's and ladies fashions in the 1940's prices and ...


Men's, ladies and childrens fashions in the 1940's ... A shift in dress happened from during WWII to after the war ended. The styles of this ... They did not come with pocket flaps or vests, and the trousers were neither made with pleats nor cuffs.

History of Children's Clothing - Fashion History - LoveToKnow


Includes: • Early children's attire • Swaddling and babies • Babies in gowns • Skeleton ... Unlike boys, as nineteenth-century girls grew older their clothing did not .... young boys' and girls' clothing until after World War II, when a combination of ...

8 Facts About Clothes Rationing In Britain During The Second World ...


Children's clothes had lower coupon values in recognition of the fact that they ... problem as many schools did not relax their rules on uniform during wartime.

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England boys clothes: the 1940s and World War II - Post-war Years


Apr 2, 1998 ... Thinking back to those long distant days I suppose my parents did a good job in clothing us children in very difficult circumstances--at least we ...

BBC Schools - Boys' clothes


Jan 27, 2014 ... Find out about the clothes that boys wore in the early 1900s and during World War One. ... What clothes did people wear? Previous. Clothes in ...

What clothes did children wear in World War 2 - Answers


Girls wore a blouse, preferably with a shirt under, skirt, longsocks, and old- fashioned shoes (old brown slippers).