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A tomahawk is a type of single-handed axe from North America, traditionally resembling a hatchet with a straight shaft. The name came into the English language in the 17th century as an adaptation of the Powhatan (Virginian Algonquian) word. Tomahawks were general purpose tools used by Native Americans and ... Though typically used as weapons, they could also be used for everyday ...


The Ball-Headed War Clubs, used by the Iroquois and Algonquian tribes of the ... used as tools and ritual objects by Native Americans for millenia, the axe did ...


The Iroquois are an American Indian collective confederacy or tribe (made up of ... While many of their traditional weapons had utilitarian uses, some, such as the ... practice, the lance was a useful tool that also doubled as a weapon of war.


A comprehensive illustrated guide to the Native Indian Weapons and Tools used by the tribes of American Indians with pictures and videos. The Native Indian ...


The most prominent weapons in an Iroquois man's arsenal were the bow, war club, knife, lance and tomahawk. ... What were the tools and weapons of the Cheyenne Indians? ... The curved war clubs used by the Iroquois were called ball -headed war clubs because they sported a ... Where did the Iroquois Indians live ?


Information about the Iroquois Indians and the Haudenosaunee League for students ... weapons and tools, legends, government, and culture of the Iroquois tribes. ... Iroquois snowshoes, Sometimes--the Iroquois Indians did use elm-bark or ...


Bows and Arrows and spears were used to hunt. Because the ... Tools. Weapons used by the Plains People for war or peace. Warrior Shield, Warrior Shield.


Because there was a lot of snowfall in the area, the hunters would use ... The women were in charge of farming (if they did any), and gathering various wild ...


Iroquois Tools and Clothing ... The Iroquois made good use of many of the resources around them. Even their ... They did not know how to weave cloth, however.