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Hopewell tradition


The Hopewell tradition describes the common aspects of the Native American culture that ..... driven game animals north or west, as weather would have a detrimental effect on plant life, drastically...

Hopewell peoples


When they buried honored people in the mounds, the Hopewell included items ... In their eating habits, the Hopewell fit between hunter-gatherers and farmers.

What did the Hopewell Indians eat - Answers.com


Hopewell Indians were hunter / gatherers. They ate a typical stone-age diet, fish, and meat - berries and plants.

Hopewell Native American Culture - Quatr.us


The Hopewell people were mainly farmers, living on squash, sunflower seeds, and various grasses like wild rice, but they did not yet grow much corn, because it  ...

Weapons and Tools of The Kuhne Site Hopewell Indians


The Hopewell Indians who had inhabited the Kuhne site used many different tools and ... Indians did not discover the bow and arrow technology until after the Hopewell Indians. ... These stone were used to grind grains, nuts, and other foods.

Hopewell Culture - SocialPC


owner of the farm, Captain Hopewell, where over thirty mounds were discovered. ... and fauna as food, clothing, container, ceremonial and ornamental objects. As ... did in fact shift to a wetter one, perhaps driving the people to higher ground

Native Peoples of North America - Hopewell - Cabrillo College


Feb 21, 2000 ... And like the Adena "culture," Hopewell should not be conceived of as a .... a large proportion (perhaps the bulk) of their foods were still obtained by ... and structure of Native societies (NOTE: maize did not form a staple crop ...

Michigan History: The Hopewell Indians - Absolute Michigan


Sep 30, 2005 ... In their eating habits, the Hopewell fit between hunter-gatherers and farmers. The Hopewell may have grown some plants, but they were not a ...

Native American Farming - Kenyon College


Who were the Adena Indians and how did they farm? The Adena ... The Hopewell relied on farming as well as hunting, fishing, and gathering for food. They grew ...

Hopewell Culture | Prehistoric Ohio - Touring Ohio


Understanding the prehistoric Hopewell Culture of Ohio. ... their living style, and their development of agriculture as a major food source. .... Or did the Mayan Culture come from the Mound Builders, or are they both branches of the same tree?

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Hopewell Food & Agriculture - Angelfire


Hopewell Food & Agriculture. The Woodland Indian Tribes of the Great Lakes area and throughout the eastern and southern part of the United States were ...

Hopewell Culture - Ohio History Central


Jun 17, 2015 ... Effigy of a hawk claw cut from sheet mica, Ohio Hopewell culture, 100 BC-500 AD . Excavated from Hopewell Mound Group, Ross County, Ohio ...

Who Were the Hopewell? - Archaeology Magazine Archive


The Hopewell culture flourished in Ohio and other parts of eastern North America during the Middle Woodland Period, possibly as early as 100 B.C. We do not ...