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African dwarf frogs eat worms, gammarus and shrimp. Dwarf frogs kept as pets can be fed fresh or frozen brine shrimp, beef heart and tadpole bites, which are pellets containing vit...

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African dwarf frogs, genus Hymenochirus, are small aquatic frogs native to parts of ... These frogs are small in size and do not weigh more than a few grams. ... They are scavengers and will eat any...

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Jul 11, 2013 ... How to Thursdays -How to feed an African dwarf frog ... where do u get the bloodworms? do they sell them at petco? .... I don't have any access to frozen or live bloodworms and my ADFs don't eat the pellets I give them.

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African Dwarf Frogs are peaceful; however they may eat very small fish if hungry. ... (A) African Dwarf Frogs can do well in a small aquarium (5 gallons or larger), ...

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Item 36 - 4031859 ... If not fed properly, they may eat smaller fish. ... African dwarf frogs will do well on a diet of live or frozen brine shrimp, bloodworms or krill, ...

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This African Dwarf Frog care sheet tells you everything you need to know about size ... but aquarium gravel always seems much nicer, even if it does need cleaning ... should remove the eggs from the tank before the uncaring parents eat them.

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Help Feeding New African Dwarf Frog in the Amphibians forums, part of the ... so i can plonk 3 bloodworms in front of him. but i cant do that till wednesday. ... One of problems with ADF's in a community tank is making sure eat.

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Mar 30, 2013 ... Care Sheet For African Dwarf Frogs. ... African Dwarf Frog Care Guide ADF's are sensitive to water ... They do best in a stable water temperature of 75-80F ... If you don't remove the eggs the frogs or tank mates will eat them.

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Will An Underwater Frog Eat Left Over Fish Flakes At The Bottom Of Tank? ... are they african dwarf frogs? if they are, you need to read the care guide ... They do well with Blood worms and occasional Frog and Tadpole Bites.

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As scavengers, African dwarf frogs diet is like to eat just about anything they are offered. These frogs will search the bottom of the tank for uneaten fish food, ...

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DO NOT use large marbles, river stones, etc with the dwarf frog. ... African Dwarf Frogs can eat just about all the foods that African Clawed Frogs will eat, except ...

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African dwarf frogs heartily eat brine shrimp, fresh or frozen. ... is a treat for frogs; African dwarf frogs eat it with the same enthusiasm as toddlers do candy.

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African Dwarf frogs do not need a lot of space. ... ACFs will eat almost any fish (or frog) that they can fit in their mouths, so they should not be kept with ADFs.

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I have several African dwarf frogs {Hymenochirus boettgeri}. ... Granted, you can't feed them fishflakes (they only eat food that sinks to the bottom of the tank!) ... What I do is to use regular tap water as long as it's treat it with anti-chlorine drops  ...

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Learn all about the African Dwarf Frog - information, pictures, feeding, and care. ... they live almost entirely underwater, though they are air breathers as well and do ... the other frogs can easily mistake the eggs as fodder and eat them like one.