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What Do Car Diagnostic Computer Codes Mean?
Car diagnostic computer codes are codes produced by the vehicle's PCM, or Powertrain Control Module. It's a rudimentary computer system which controls the vehicle's engine performance by receiving information from sensors attached throughout the engine... More »
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How to Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes - Auto Diagnosis Repair Help


Check Engine Light On? That means the onboard diagnostic system on your ... Your scan tool should display any diagnostic fault codes that are present in ...

What Do Car Diagnostic Computer Codes Mean? | eHow


Car diagnostic computer codes are codes produced by the vehicle's PCM, or Powertrain Control Module. It's a rudimentary computer system which controls the  ...

Complete List of OBD Codes: Generic OBD2 (OBDII) & Manufacturer ...


Jan 29, 2013 ... Diagnostic trouble codes (or fault codes) are codes that are stored ... The codes should be used in conjunction with the vehicle's service ... (normally P0xxx), The definition for the code is defined in the EOBD / OBD-II standard ...

OBD Codes Explained - Understanding Auto Diagnostic Codes


OBD codes can confuse pretty much everyone...even mechanics. Just because you have an auto diagnostic codes for a certain part on the car, it does not mean  ...

How to Access Your Car's Computer - Check Engine - Tom's Guide


May 19, 2010 ... Here's how to access your car's onboard computer so that you can check how it has been ... that's not quite right it stores a fault code and often turns on the dreaded Check Engine light. .... Don't you mean imperial units? 2.

Onboard Diagnostic II and Scan Tools | KnowYourParts


They know the light means something is wrong, but is it a serious problem or a ... There are two types of OBD II diagnostic trouble codes: generic “P0” codes and ... code readers that can also display the readiness status of the vehicle's OBD II ...

How To Tap Into Your Car's Computer—And Why You Might Not ...


Mar 5, 2014 ... ... you access your car's onboard diagnostic data doesn't mean you'll find ... would allow me to read the engine codes responsible for firing up a ...

Scan Tool Help


A scan tool is a must for automotive diagnostic work today. ... Most flash codes use a combination of long and short flashes to indicate double digit codes, and if the ... A code reader can access and display codes from your vehicle's computer.

OBD-II Background Information


Does my car have OBD-II? ... What good does it do to measure OBD-II output? ... On-Board Diagnostic systems are in most cars and light trucks on the road today. ... electronic means to control engine functions and diagnose engine problems. ... that display trouble codes, up to a large console computer-based unit costing ...

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Actron Diagnostics offers a code look up tool for your automotive diagnostic and scan tool needs. ... What Are Engine Sensors, and What Do They Do?

OBD-II Check Engine Light Trouble Codes - OBD-Codes.com


If your DTC (diagnostic trouble code) begins with P1xxx, that means it's a manufacturer specific code. For more information on P1 codes, choose your vehicle ...

How to Use an Auto Scan Tool - Popular Mechanics


When that light is on, it means that the PCM (powertrain control module) is seeing ... In spite of this, your car should run surprisingly well, although you may notice a ... The PCM also stores a diagnostic "trouble code" so a service technician has ...



Mar 7, 2013 ... Diagnostic Trouble Code Help for your car or truck. ... Emission faults will set OBD II Trouble Codes and turn on your Check Engine Light. ... If your "Check Engine Light" is on, it means your vehicle has one or more OBD II ...

Using a Vehicle Diagnostic Code Reader | The Family Handyman


Simply plug it into the car's computer system, then interpret the trouble code ... A code that indicates your oxygen sensor is “lean” can mean the sensor is dead, ...