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What do elves eat? Some kids think I eat jumping beans in the morning, but actually I get my energy from oat porridge; that's my favorite food. We elves love ...

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We have been very busy taking care of the new baby Christmas elves. ...... I think baby elves might eat cookies and drinkk milk like you do on Christmas Eve.

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Everyone has heard of Santa's workshop, where elves toil all year round making toys for Santa to deliver to the good little girls and boys ... The mining elves do exactly this. ... A related question to that of raw materials is what all these elves eat.

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Santa's elves are particularly small because they are dwarfs. ... I've never heard about elves dying but the stories do talk about older and younger elves so that ...

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Please don't smoke, it's bad for my elf! Where does Santa go when he's sick? To the elf centre! Where do elves go to dance? Christmas Balls! What do elves eat ...

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They eat candy, candy corn, candy canes, syrup, cookies, and drink hot cocoa with marshmallows, whip cream, and cinnamon sticks.

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Dec 6, 2012 ... I really do care. ... The Elf on the Shelf® -- A Christmas Tradition is the very special tool that helps Santa know who to put on the Naughty and ...

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Nov 16, 2010 ... Here is a behind the scenes look at what Santa's magical scout elves have been doing as they get prepared for the holiday season! Retweet ...

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Q: What do Santa's elves drink? A: Minnesoda. Q: What is Claustrophobia? A: The fear of Santa Claus. Q: What breakfast cereal does Frosty the Snowman eat?

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Dec 16, 2013 ... 'Elf' might be one of the newer Christmas classics, but it's actually ... He also got paid (and, we hope, residuals as well) to do the ridiculously long burp in 'Elf.' ... Some of the scenes required him to actually eat the super-sweet ...

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Commonly Asked Questions About Santa's Elves How Many Elves ... New Christmas elves and other kinds of elves are born frequently. ... What Do Elves Eat?

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Ever wonder about what Santa's Elves? Who are these helpers to Santa, what do they like to eat, where do they live? For the answers to these questions and ...

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Dec 28, 2012 ... My Christmas Elf has arrived – do I need to do anything to start the magic? .... I will let you in onto a big secret – we Christmas elves only eat ...

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Dec 13, 2014 ... Leave a good plate of cookies out and any elf would eat them all by themselves. So we ... What happens if Santa gets sick on Christmas Eve?

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Christmas entertainment and Christmas activities for your children. Christmas stories to print ... How do the reindeer fly? They eat special corn ... Is there any food Santa doesn't eat? Santa won't eat ... What are the elves' jobs? They make toys ...