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A frog's diet depends on its size, with smaller frogs dining on flies while larger frogs eat worms and grasshoppers. Very large frogs have been known to eat small ...

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... dietary habits and needs. As baby frogs, tadpoles eat pond plants and algae, but as they ... ... In captivity, crickets are a standard staple diet for frogs. They make a great diet ... other frogs, like this toad. What Do Carolina Gopher Frogs Eat?

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Your frog loves to chow down on an assortment of insects. Crickets are a popular source of frog food, but since he appreciates variety as much as you do, try to ...

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A plain old fish tank without all the pumps and filters will do quite nicely for a frog. ... Besides, its healthier for your frog because he could get sick from unsanitary conditions which ... When the frog eats the cricket, he gets that good nutrition too.

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Nov 16, 2008 ... Frogs eat a variety of insects and creatures, including crickets, which make up the majority of their diet; they also eat meal worms and wax ...

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Oct 7, 2010 ... I caution frog keepers against the all-too-common “cricket and mealworm only” diet. ... Brightly-colored insects are often toxic, as are fireflies; do not collect during ... of how ever many crickets they can eat in one feeding every other day. ... Besides being hard to digest, mealworms are not very nutritious and ...

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What do I do if I can't find bugs small enough for my tiny frog? ... First of all, you'll need to kill a cricket or whatever your frog usually eats, and have it ready ... Besides, afterwards, the frogs always look really clean and pretty with their new skin!

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Sep 3, 2009 ... -Crickets, fruit flies, and any insect besides beetles or ants. crickets can ... are like most common insectivores, but do note that they eat A LOT!

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On the other hand, besides the normal diet for tree frogs, this little frog feeds on worms, such as ... Australian green tree frog (Litoria caerulea) eating a cricket.

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Adult oriental fire-bellied toads eat a diet of three- to four-week-old commercially raised crickets. To gauge the right size prey, make sure the length of each ...

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Captive toads enjoy eating all of the same foods that their wild relatives do, but crickets are probably the most popular. Crickets are available from most pet ...

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What do lizards eat in their natural environment. Lizards are one ... Smaller lizards like chameleons, geckos and anoles eat mostly insects like flies and crickets.

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many things like flies,small bees, baby newts and even hornets, and now i realise most of those are insects u could go and buy these little pellets tht they also ...