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the fourth book of the Old Testament, containing the census of the Israelites after the Exodus from Egypt. Abbreviation: Num.
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A quick reference for spiritual meaning of numbers, symbolic meaning of ... Two asks us to exert our natural flow of judgment to do what is best for our souls.

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Which numbers have a special meaning in the Bible? How are they God's SECRET code? What do they reveal about our eternal destiny?

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Before the One (meaning the Source--not the number) there is only Void, or non- being .... The third dimension - we do things in threes so they will manifest in our  ...

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Numbers in the Bible may be literal or symbolic. Find out the significance of the number 7 in the Bible, the Biblical meaning of 12 and of 40. What is gematria?

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Click on the number links below to view in depth information on the repeating number message and meaning: * Individual ANGEL NUMBERS. Single Digits.

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Take for example the European Union flag. The meaning of the numbers of stars flag is based solely on symbolism and has nothing to do with the number of ...

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The primary vibrations are 1 through 9, plus master vibrations of 11 and 22. Vibrations above 9 can be reduced to primary by adding the digits together.