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Most otters eat crayfish, crabs, fish, frogs and other aquatic invertebrates. The diet of otters varies, however, depends on the species, location of residence and availability of ...



European otters must eat 15% of their body weight each day, and sea otters 20 to .... Unlike most marine mammals (such as seals or whales), sea otters do not ...

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Unlike other marine mammals, they do not have a layer of blubber to help them ... Sea otters eat approximately 25% of their weight in food each day to support ...

Sea otters are one of the only mammals known to use tools to obtain and eat their prey. They can store extra food, and rocks used as tools, in these pockets. Sea otters have been found to play a pivotal role in the habitat and marine life that inhabit a kelp forest. More »
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River otters, for example, consume a diet heavy in fish and other types of seafood . ... River otters that reside in zoo atmospheres typically eat diets that consist of a combination of meat, fish, eggs and ... What Do River Otters Sound Like?

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Learn all you wanted to know about North American river otters with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National ... Fish are a favorite food, but they also eat amphibians, turtles, and crayfish. ... Males do not help raise young otters.

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Sep 17, 2009 ... The Sea Otters at the Seattle Aquarium loved devouring these king crab - quite a ... Sea Otters eating King Crab .... this is how you eat da crab.

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The rice farmers tolerate the otters' presence because they eat crayfish that can destroy the rice ... Asian small-clawed otters hunt their prey in water and on land.

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The long-tailed otter (Lontra longicaudis) is a semi-aquatic mammal that is a member of the family Mustelidae, along with polecats and weasels. These creatures ...

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Giant otters eat mainly fishes and crabs. Cape clawless and Asian small-clawed otters feed mainly on crabs and other crustaceans, molluscs, and frogs. Fish are ...

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River otters also eat freshwater mussels, crabs, crayfish, amphibians, large ... River otters have what is called delayed implantation; the fertilized egg does not  ...

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Otters eat from 15% to 25% of their body weight each day. They can ... Some species will vary in what they do depending on where they live. They may find that ...

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Otters eat from 15% to 25% of their body weight each day. The primary source of food for the Otter is fish. Some other common items that they will eat include ...

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River otters primarily eat fish. ... River otters can be found in streams, lakes, reservoirs, wetlands and along marine coasts in all states and ... What You Can Do ».