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Unlike other lenders, the pawnbroker does not report the defaulted loan on the .... Pawnshops have to be careful to manage how many new items they accept as ...

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For those in need of fast cash, a pawn shop will lend money using a person's valuables as collateral. Different pawn shops require different types of collateral.

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Selling your items to our pawn shops is a better option than having a yard or garage ... Our pawn stores accept a wide range of items – from jewelry to guns to sporting .... Is your item in pristine condition or does it have a lot of wear and tear?

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Take the item to the pawn shop, and tell them whether you want to sell it to them, ... Most pawn shops do not allow you to go on renewing the loan indefinitely, ...

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Toys: Pawn shops always accept toys, especially if they're collector's items. ... Remember to do your research and don't expect the top price, as they have to ...

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We WANT you to get a loan from us. That's why we always work with you, no matter the circumstances, to get you the cash you need. Our customer often ask us, ...

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Dec 28, 2011 ... Pawn shops have been around in one form or another for the past 3,000 years. ... If a pawn shop does purchase a stolen item, the police will seize it at a ... pawn business, and you should never accept the first offer unless it ...

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Pawnshops do not want to take in stolen merchandise it is a cost to us when police seize the item and we may have court costs to incur should we want to try and ...

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What kind of things do pawn shops buy or give loans on? ... the interest of the pawnbroker to accept potentially stolen merchandise because the police can seize ...

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Pawn shops offer the opportunity to sell goods or take out short-term loans with used merchandise as collateral. They are small businesses by nature because ...

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Jul 29, 2013 ... Last but certainly not least would be: “What Do Pawn Shops Buy? ... those, you will have a very good idea of what most pawn shops will accept.

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Jul 27, 2013 ... Yes actually many pawn shops will accept electronics but not all do. Make sure you call ahead before heading down there with whatever you ...

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Pawn shops usually will not accept items that are clearly replicas (such as fake designer purses). They also do not accept clothing or books unless they are very  ...

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Oct 12, 2008 ... Well, I think I can answer your question, as I do lots of shopping at pawn shops and just last week, I asked the sales person how much they pay ...

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Best Items to Bring to a Pawn Shop for a Pawn Loan or to Sell for Fast Cash. This list ... (Note: We do not accept electric organs) ... The Truth about Pawn Shops.