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To see a pair of shoes dangling on a power line is generally meant to promote a street gang, pinpoint a drug-dealing zone or to commemorate a life or death event. The precise meani...

What Do Shoes on Power Lines Mean?
Mysterious. Absurd. Maybe threatening. Shoes on power lines have been rumored to mean anything from a gang sign for owned turf to helpful objects meant to warn low-flying aircraft pilots of power lines nearby. Whatever the reason, shoes end up on power... More »
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Shoe tossing


This section does not cite any sources. ... In some neighborhoods, shoes tied together and hanging from power lines or tree branches signify that someone has  ...

Why do you see pairs of shoes hanging by the laces from power lines?


Aug 2, 1996 ... I saw a news brief on Amsterdam, and there was a pair of shoes hanging in the ghetto where everyone does drugs. So I assume it means "stop ...

Shoefiti: The Myths and Mysteries of Shoes on Power Lines


Shoefiti: The Myths and Mysteries of Shoes on Power Lines ... Wherever the shoes on a wire happen to be, speculation and burning ... What story do they tell?

Why do you see pairs of shoes hanging from power lines?


The question of "why are shoes hanging by the laces from power lines?" has popped ... What else are you going to do with your old pair of runners? Also known ...

A New Doc Addresses The Eternal Question: Why Do People Throw ...


Sep 3, 2013 ... So what does it mean when you see a pair of shoes, tied together at the laces, hanging from a power line? As demonstrated in director Mattew ...

Sand Shoes On Power Lines - Sydney Morning Herald


Nov 30, 2010 ... Here's something I find really puzzling: why do people throw sandshoes on overhead power lines?

www.ask.com/youtube?q=What Do Shoes On Power Lines Mean&v=5zrUtlhBK6A
Sep 2, 2012 ... This video is why shoes are thrown over power lines! wish you guy's enjoyed ... Why SHOES are on POWER LINES! ... What Does It All Mean?

Shoefiti - Sneakers on Power Lines - Urban Legends


Shoefiti: Are sneakers dangling from power lines a sign of gang or drug activity? ... No one does. Like most people, I've noticed the ... Maybe there is no answer; maybe sneakers hanging on power lines don't have any particular meaning at all.

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Ever Wonder Why People Throw Sneakers Over Power Lines?


Mar 17, 2014 ... ... point you'll see somebody's shoes tossed over a power line, a high tree branch , or some other difficult-to-reach spot. Why do people do it?

Why do people throw shoes onto power lines? : OutOfTheLoop


Sep 7, 2014 ... Why? and what does it mean? ... Now every time I see a pair of shoes on the wire I think somebody has ... "My Work Boots on a Power Line".

Sneakers on Power Lines : snopes.com


Jul 12, 2011 ... What's with all those shoes hanging in trees and from power lines? ... what else are you going to do with a worn-out pair of sneakers other than ...

Urban Dictionary: shoes on a wire


Places where you see shoes that are thrown on a telephone wire indicate drug houses or places where you can purchase drugs.

Shoes on a wire - WBEZ


Aug 5, 2015 ... So far we've figured out that shoes on power lines mean most of what ... throwing your shoes up on the telephone wires is one way to do that.