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Totem poles are monumental sculptures consisting of poles, posts or pillars, carved with .... Totem poles symbolize characters and events of a myth or relate the ... by persons whose lineage did not...

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What do some of the symbols commonly found on totem poles mean? ... Genealogy poles are erected in front of a family's home to represent the owner's clan or ...

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Visit this site for information about Native American Totem Poles. ... with symbols and totems or figures such as animals, that represent the emblems ... Every color used on the Poles have meanings as do the figures carved on the Totem Poles.

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What do the graphic carvings and coloring depicted on the totem pole mean? A totem pole depicts emblems of animals and mythological creatures that are ...

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Totem poles are monuments created by First Nations of the Pacific Northwest to represent and commemorate ancestry, histories, people, or events. ... 200 years.<sup>5</sup> Most historians and other experts agree that totem pole carving did not reach its ...

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Jul 3, 2015 ... Totem poles are monumental sculptures carved on poles, posts, ... Totem poles are not religious objects, but they do communicate ... Carvings of animals and other characters typically represent characters or events in a story.

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Meaning of Totem Pole Colors ... Green: It may easily be realized that this color represents the earth, the hills, the trees, and ... What to Do, and How to Do It!

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Beavers featured on Native American totem poles symbolize determination, protection, overseeing and building. Totem poles feature animals and mythical ...

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Totem poles are monumental sculptures carved from great trees, typically Western ... Poles were commissioned by many wealthy leaders to represent their social .... Although they did not historically carve totem poles, the southern tribes along ...

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Mar 23, 2015 ... The totem pole is a monument created by Northwest Coast Aboriginal ... and identity, while the rest of the pole may represent a family's history.

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What do totem poles mean? Basically, before contact, Natives in this part of the world had a different kinship system than we do today. A totem pole served as ...

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Indian Totem symbols and their meanings - A totem can be the symbol of a tribe, clan, family or individual. ... Totem poles at Alert Bay, Washington, 1914 ... This does not necessarily mean that he or she has actually touched or spent time with  ...

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Find out how totem poles fit into Native American culture. ... Those Indians living in the southwest, the plains and Inuit Indians did not have trees to carve. Long ago ... Carvings will represent the tribal nation and will convey the tribes' history.