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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Panthera
Species: Panthera tigris
Tigers (Panthera tigris) are mammals of the Felidae family, one of four "big cats" that belong to the Panthera genus, and the largest of all cats, living or extinct. Tigers are predatory carnivores. Most tigers live in forests and... More »
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White tiger


As with all tigers, the white Bengal tiger's stripes are like fingerprints, with no two tigers ... It may be that the white mutation does not exist in the wild Siberian tiger ...

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They usually have blue eyes, a pink nose, and creamy white fur covered with chocolaty coloured stripes. They are very rare. To see what white tigers look like go ...

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What do tigers look like?[edit]. White tigers. Like the other big cats, tigers are built much like the much smaller domestic cats that people often have as pets; they ...

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Contrary to a belief, white tigers do not have crossed eyes and black striped. ... They also like to eat smaller animals like hares, rabbits, peafowls, fish, and ...

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White tigers do NOT come from snowy climates! ... If we were to compare tigers to people, being an orange tiger would be like being a brunette, whereas a white tiger would be ... But hey, White tigers look pretty and make parks allot of money.

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Info Page on White Tigers - their Habitat With Information and White Tiger Pictures. ... of tiger do not authorize breeding the white tiger in their managed programs. ... like lions, adult tigers like to live alone (except for mother tigers with cubs).

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White tigers are Bengal tigers and not albino or their own species like many people ... Breeders of white tigers do not contribute to any species survival plan; they ...

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Indian tiger welfare society provide information on the white bengal tiger in the indian zoo, wildlife sanctuaries ... As magnificent as it may look, life of a white tiger can't be as easy as it looks. ... Diet: Tigers do not hunt in social groups like lions.

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Oct 31, 2013 ... Do not make White Tiger angry ever. Incident ... they look skinny .... The orange tigers in another cage was like: "The fuck is going on there?".

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Like other Tiger species, the White Tiger has black or dark brown stripes that run vertically ... Despite the beauty of the White Tiger's fur, it does in fact give these ...

White Tigers


In contrast to what some believe, the White Tiger is neither a subspecies in its ... more common Bengal peers, but the stripes do help to break their profile up, ...

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White Bengal tigers eyes are usually blue, but may be green or amber. There are several hundred ... Their stripes are like fingerprints, no two are the same. The stripes are not only in ... They do not possess great stamina. The average White ...

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Click here to see the normal color for Bengal tigers. Bengal tiger from www. ... They have a white spot on the back of their ears,whick looks like eyes. General ...

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Different subspecies of tigers have varying coats. For instance, Sumatran tigers have the darkest fur, and Bengal tigers are sometimes born with white coats.