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Feb 14, 2009 ... Poptropica - Full Big Nate Island Walkthrough. Liky ... Inc. I do not own this game in any way. You can play Poptropica at www.poptropica.com ...

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You find the old photo at the lighthouse, trade it for the scuba diver outfit, and then go back ... How do you move the light in the lighthouse on big nate island? ... After that you can go back to the lighthouse, use the telescope to spot "Seal Island" ...

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Dec 15, 2012 ... ... Big Nate. All you need to do is find a hidden time capsule from 100 years ago. ... After you get that, continue right into another section of the island. ... Go to the lighthouse to your right and climb all the way to the top of it. You ...

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However, you first must make sure that the pelican is nowhere near the clapper by using the lighthouse light to scare it off. Once the bell rings, the teenage girls ...

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Jun 25, 2010 ... Once you arrive at Big Nate Island, head to the right and go inside ... If you miss, climb back up the lighthouse and try again until you get it. ... You'll see some writing on the edges, and that writing should end up in the middle.

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Click the features that you want, and it will appear on your character. ... Go to the chef and select "Our drinks will change your hair color". Click on any ... Big Nate Island: Comic strip frame locations ... The light from the lighthouse will shine on the bird and get rid of it. ..... After defeating the mini bots, hop on th...

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Home ... Can Nate convince Breckenridge that P.S. 38 is the coolest? ... is bursting with awesome NEW activities for Nate fans, including trivia quizzes (How well do you know Nate?) ... Then Nate decides it's time to go from zeroes to heroes!

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When you arive at the Main Street you will be greeted by Big Nate. .... Once you get the lobster after returning the cage, go on top of the light house and use the ...

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Q: After I find the bell clapper and the girls leave, what do I do? A: Go .... A: First, you have to get the comic pieces from various locations on Big Nate island. If you ... A: Go up to the light house and you will see Mr Rosa and a telescope.Click it ...

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When you get onto Poptropica, talk to the boy standing by the pole.... ... The island is named after him! ... for trading, and then go to the light to the right of the entrance and you will find the comic piece. .... Beat the Haunted House on Poptropica.

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You can watch Nate with his crush (Jenny) here again. ... It's really not that hard to get it... after you have, go into the "NO TEACHERS ALLOWED" clubhouse at the top of the ... Climb the lighthouse and collect the last comic piece at the top.

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The light scares the seagull away and you can restore the clapper to the ... old photo at the lighthouse, trade it for the scuba diver outfit, and then go back to the  ...