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Achtung may refer to: Achtung, a German word meaning "attention"; Achtung! - Auto-Diebe!, a crime film from 1930; Achtung Baby, a 1991 album by U2; Achtung  ...


It can be used in so many different ways and sounds cool. E.g. ... Achtung Baby would probably mean something like "check this out baby" to an english speaker.


It means Attention as in stand to attention! They called it that as they recorded the album in Germany (Berlin) shortly after the Berlin Wall came down ...


It can mean "caution" as in watch out! or "attention" as in a military formation, and also "respect" as in - I have respect for him/her ...


Bono Stands Up During the Achtung Baby tour, Rushdie met Bono after he was invited backstage. ... achtung. German word used to command attention, from German achtung, from acht (n.) ... How Do I Get a Word into the Dictionary?


Achtung translation english, German - English dictionary, meaning, see also ... which are likely to occur, whilst respecting the freedom and the will of each of our  ...


dict.cc German-English Dictionary: Translation for Achtung.


The direct translation of "panzer" from German to English is "armor". Thus all armored vehicles (from tanks to APCs to IFVs, self-propelled artillery, and even ...


The German word 'Achtung' means 'attention', 'look out', and 'beware'. It is a term used to stop someone, so that they will listen to a warning. During the war ...