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Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) is an option available in most email clients that allows the sender to ... The recipient does not necessarily see the email address (and real name, if any) originally placed in the To: line. When it is useful ... "CC" and " BCC" mean "carbon copy" and "blind carbon copy" respectively. Sending courtesy ...


The letters CC in emails, memos, and other documents stands for Carbon Copy. This was a convention used before computers came along, when letters were ...


Less professional than the business letter, a business memo should still be written ... ... Definition. The term cc stands for carbon copy. It indicates people not ... If your email template does not have a cc box, place "cc" and the person's name at ...


The abbreviation CC in a memo, or any other physical document, stands for " carbon copy." If it is a digital memo, or other digital document, CC stands for ...


Hue asked, "What does cc (in email) stand for?" Originally used in business letters, the abbreviation cc stands for carbon copy. Carbon paper was a kind of ...


A memo is usually an internal working paper written to share information and/or ... cc: (meaning carbon copies) or c: (copies) followed by names identifies ...


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is an element the reader sees and interprets to have a particular meaning. For example, a .... Most businesses have established guidelines for formatting letters, memos, reports .... If cc appears at the bottom of a letter, what does this mean? 4.


May 30, 2006 ... Memos are an important form of written communication within companies. Memos are ... Think of it this way: a busy professional does not have time to read every word of every paper that comes in. ... CC: Susan Ford. From: Bob Leeds B.L.. Subject: Marketing meeting. Date: ... Write exactly what you mean.