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What Does it Mean When a Gold Ring Leaves Black Marks on Your Skin?
Alloying elements, or other metals, are added to gold jewelry to improve the toughness of the metal. In gold that is karated, a balance of metals in the non-gold percentage exists. It is these metals that provide the different colors and toughness of... More »
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Q. When I swipe a gold ring down the side of my face, it leaves a black mark. A friend told me that means I'm iron- deficient. Is this true? A black mark from gold?

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My girlfriend believes that rubbing a gold ring on your skin will indicate if your ... Generally, when gold leaves gray, black or green marks on the skin it is a .... Maybe it has something to do with baby oil, I know she puts on lotion ...

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Some rings can turn your finger black or green, and though there are many ... Gold is impervious to most chemicals, but chlorine will eat away at gold. ... The acid in your skin can also cause a reaction with some metals, which can result in ... If these tips aren't enough to prevent your rings from leaving a stain on your finger, ...

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Has gold and other jewelry ever left greenish or black marks on your skin? It's happened to most of us at least once or twice, and even though some people are  ...

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Aug 16, 2013 ... Gold itself is inert, and does not typically react with skin to cause discoloration. ... Photo Credit gold ring in hand image by Matt Self from <a ... If your skin turns green from gold jewelry, remove the jewelry and wash your skin. ... Nickel reacts with skin similarly to copper, but it turns black instead of green...

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I personally have had silver rings leave black marks on my fingers on hot hot days when I've been sweating a lot. ... The best thing to do in this situation is keep your jewellery, and your skin as clean as possible. ... NOTE: Gold can also turn skin black. ... It's all the junk your skin leaves on the jewellery while it's s...

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May 27, 2009 ... Evidence shows that the marks can come from the gold jewelry, whether 10, 14, 18 karat gold. ... Does your skin stay damp where the jewelry touches you? ... 750 , 585, 417 Gold Jewelry Markings and What They Mean. 47.

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Blackening or discoloration of either the skin and clothing or the jewelry itself is ... Also, clean with soap and water those skin areas which will be in contact with your ... Only the base metal used for alloying corrodes, leaving the gold untouched. ... Rings containing copper and silver alloys, particularly sterling silver, corrode...

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Sep 24, 2012 ... A ring made of copper is a common culprit; even silver and gold metals ... If you can't stay away from accessories prone to leaving a dark stain, try clear ... your skin and the metal, so that the ring can't turn your finger green.

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Q. Why does precious metals such as gold, when rubbed across a face with ... she accidentally rubs her ring against her face, it will leave black marks there? .... It leaves the mark on my face, my neck, my shoulders. ... It must have something to do with the oils from your pores, which are gone when you just washed your face.

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I will follow your suggestions, and hope to have smudge free fingers in future. .... My favorite ring of late is a rose gold ring, which has turned my finger black only occasionally over the 2 ... This is the first place I have run across the idea that it has to do with a woman's ... If I rub any gold anywhere on my body it leaves a...

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A gold ring changing colours on your finger has nothing to do with ... five reasons why gold jewellery may leave a black mark on skin. ... Copper and silver in low karat gold alloys can tarnish, leaving a dark green-black mark.

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Sep 9, 2014 ... Just because your favorite ring stains your finger, that doesn't mean you have to get rid of it. ... Then, when you take it off, it leaves a green stain in its place. ... amount of gold jewelry — can oxidize when it comes in contact with skin. This causes tarnishing and can leave you with a dark-green or black stain.

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The AgCl will photoreduce to black silver crystals on the skin. ... used to sneak up on each other and streak a ring on a face to test if someone was wearing make- up. ... Some of my friends' skin in the same places leaves no marks whatsoever.