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What does getting "felt up" mean? (3 replies) - Love & Relationships


Getting "felt up" in my experience tends to mean a guy "feeling" a girl, whether it's up her shirt, leg, or anything that suggests something sexual without being too ...

Katy Perry gets felt up by ROLLING fan she brought on stage. : videos


Sep 30, 2015 ... Katy Perry gets felt up by ROLLING fan she brought on stage. ... do you think if katy kissed a girl....that she would have....liked it? ..... that nothing is as pure as they think, which means people want pressed pills again but they're ...

Feel | Define Feel at Dictionary.com


a sensation of something felt; a vague mental impression or feeling: a feel of winter; ... feel up to, Informal. to feel or be able to; be capable of: He didn't feel up to ... “You have to do what you feel is right,” he said of the recent unpleasantness.

In which I get felt up by a stranger (not okay.) | superlatively rude


The way he did it made me want to throw up. ... It was nice to be out from behind my own desk. ... of my memory and like a car window all I had to do was rubrubrub at his penetrating gaze burnt into the back of my brain and it would be erased.

Amy Duggar Says 'I Never Felt Up To The Duggar Standard': Rebel ...


Feb 3, 2016 ... “I went to Christian school all of my life but I never really felt up to the ... That may not mean that they are always supportive of the decisions that ... She says that she is just being herself, and she does not feel guilty about that.

What Happens When You Don't Wear a Bra? My Week Of Living Bra ...


Sep 9, 2014 ... Exposure to '70s feminist ideology (and being felt up by some very attentive ... So I let an elderly woman in the Nordstrom lingerie department feel me up, ... And maybe that authentic self had something to do with letting my ...

Kate Winslet: Felt Up, Not Pregnant (PHOTO) | TMZ.com


Feb 29, 2016 ... Kate Winslet is not pregnant, she just has a nice felt dress. ... a woman's belly when she is pregnant, and you don't have permission to do so, ...

feel sb up Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary


feel sb up meaning, definition, what is feel sb up: to touch someone sexually, ... do not know, for your own excitement: That's the second time she's been felt up ...

Lady Gaga Gets Felt Up on Thanksgiving TV Special - Hollywood ...


Nov 29, 2013 ... She clearly has the chops to do it live, but maybe the decision to stick with the recorded versions reflected a desire that the show at least have ...

Not All Fans Want to Be Randomly Felt Up -- The Cut


Sep 28, 2015 ... Not All Female Fans Want to Be Randomly Felt Up. By Allison P. ... What Do Royals Do All Day? .... Hint: It has nothing to do with being chic.

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What does felt up mean - Answers.com


Felt Up is a general term reffering to when a boy feels a girls breast's (boobs) or runs his hands all over her body.

feel up to definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary


... synonyms. What is feel up to? feel up to meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. ... past participle, felt up to ... feel up to something to feel that you are strong or healthy enough to do something ... To be, or to feel healthy: .

True GUY Confession: What It Feels Like to Touch Breasts for the ...


Mar 2, 2010 ... I think when girls get felt up by a boy who is doing it for the first time, they're ... Do you remember when a guy felt you up for the first time?