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What does "bonded" mean on a job application? | Reference.com


The term "bonded" on a job application is used when the job requires working with valuables or a lot of cash and the employer wants to know if the applicant has ...

What DoesBondedMean? | JW Surety Bonds


So, how do bonds work and why can't most insurance agents provide anything other than a vague “bondeddefinition? The confusion stems from there being ...

What is bonding of employees? definition and meaning ...


Definition of bonding of employees: Agreement (such as a fidelity bond) under which a bonding or insurance company guarantees payment of a specified sum ...

Hiring a Contractor: What's the Difference Between Bonded and ...


Nov 26, 2013 ... Also, be aware that a building inspector can halt work on a project if it's being ... Does that mean even cutting your grass and doing yard work?

What It Means To Be Bonded, Licensed & Insured - Bargaineering


Oct 30, 2007 ... If you do, then the bonding company pays out the amount of the theft. ... to be licensed to perform certain types of work and that license number ...

Federal Bonding Program - Background


In 1966, the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) created the Federal Bonding ... economically disadvantaged youth who lack a work history, and individuals who ... employers now can almost instantly do a “background check” to determine if a  ...

What Does Bonded Mean on a Job Application? | eHow


Bonding is very much like insurance; but rather than insuring you against a loss, ... work done to guarantee that the work will be performed properly and on time.

What does bonded and insured mean? - Insurance.com


Mar 30, 2015 ... What does it mean if someone who cleans your home, chimney or pool is ... If someone is injured while working at your home and you file an ...

Licensed and Bonded Contractors: What This Means and Why Hire


A license is required to do any sort of skilled labor on another person's home or property; ... Not hiring a licensed and bonded contractor means that your unlicensed contractor is most likely breaking the law by working without a license and not ...

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured - What Does That Really Mean?


The following article outlines the benefits of working with a registered ... So what exactly does it mean to hire a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor?

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The Definition of Bonded in Employment | Chron.com


Also commonly bonded are employees who routinely work in other people's homes, ... Managers must be aware that bonding does not relieve them from basic ...

What does it mean to be "bonded"? [Archive] - Straight Dope ...


When an employee is bonded, that means that he or she has met some ... A contractor will often post a bond to guarantee that work will be ...

Bonding - Small Business Encyclopedia - Entrepreneur


Definition: A guarantee of performance required, either by law or consumer demand, ... bonding helps ensure that the job you've been hired to do is performed and that ... of your work, they can recover the damages from the bonding company.