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Monism is the view that attributes oneness or singleness (Greek:μόνος) to a concept (e.g., existence). Substance monism is the philosophical view that a variety of existing ...

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Monistic definition, (in metaphysics) any of various theories holding that there is only one basic substance or principle as the ground of reality, or that reality ...

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Monism definition, (in metaphysics) any of various theories holding that there is only one basic substance or principle as the ground of reality, or that reality ...

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The view in metaphysics that reality is a unified whole and that all existing things can be ascribed to or described by a single concept or system. 2. The doctrine ...

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1 a : a view that there is only one kind of ultimate substance b : the view that reality is one unitary organic whole with no independent parts. 2 : monogenesis.

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Monism is unbiblical because it denies the distinction between God and creation. God is, by definition, completely different than the creation which he brought ...

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What are the differences between dualism and monism? ... They are basically feeble attempts to construct meaning in a universe that is cold and deterministic.

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"When you see the seamlessness of it all, that's what I mean by God." "I guess if you ask me what did 9/11 really do, it made me understand the truth that ...

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Philosophy: Metaphysics > Monism. ... It is based on the concept of the monad ( derived from the Greek "monos" meaning "single" and "without division"). Various  ...

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A theory or doctrine that denies the existence of a distinction or dua.... Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content.

[mon-iz-uhm, moh-niz-uhm]
the reduction of all processes, structures, concepts, etc., to a single governing principle; the theoretical explanation of everything in terms of one principle.
the conception that there is one causal factor in history; the notion of a single element as primary determinant of behavior, social action, or institutional relations.
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monistic | Define monistic at Dictionary.com
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