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Livedo reticularis is a common skin finding consisting of a mottled reticulated vascular pattern that appears as a lace-like purplish discoloration of the skin.

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Characterized by lacy or net-like patches, mottled skin, or livedo reticularis, is caused by ... How do you treat dry skin patches? ... What do skin rashes look like ?

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Decreased blood perfusion, Skin may become mottled and discolored. Mottling and ... skin care. Turn patient every 2-3 hours if this does not cause discomfort.

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Feb 13, 2012 ... I explain some of the changes in skin color that one may encounter when a person is dying. Included are pictures of jaundice (yellowing of skin) ...

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The main symptom of mottled skin is red or purple patches that occur on any ..... I can't do anything without constant pain and I also look like a freak my skin is so ...

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Mar 5, 2012 ... Even though the patient may not complain of pain, mottled skin can ... The blood vessels are tube like structures that carry blood to and fro from the heart. ... This does not mean that dark skinned individual are lucky, the only ...

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Fingers, earlobes, lips and nail beds may look bluish or light gray. A purplish or blotchy red-blue coloring on knees and/ or feet (mottling) is a sign that death is very near. Because the body ... Breathing may sound moist, congested or like a rattle. This may come ... Some individuals may not want or be able to do these things.

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Offer soft foods; Do not force food when the person is saying no; Offer sips of liquid ... Although it may look distressing, these symptoms are not considered to be painful ... You may notice a purple or pink pattern on the skin (“mottling”), and the ...

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Aug 13, 2015 ... Common causes of Mottled skin symptom from a list of 36 total ... The following causes of Mottled skin are ones for which we do not have any ...

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Sep 19, 2013 ... ... It is a dermatological disorder marked by a mottled purplish discoloration of the skin due ... Latin word “livere” meaning bluish and “reticular”, referring to net-like appearance. .... Did Russia Find an Alzheimer's Cure in 1984?