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The Meaningfulness of Little Things: March 2008


Mar 31, 2008 ... Why would we rig a close election when you can rig a demoralizing landslide ..... Sokwanele, an Ndebele word meaning 'enough is enough,' has a very ..... increasingly more prevalent: "Oxfamming the Whole Black World".

whiteness - 2/2 - mudd up!


what does that mean? ... it means in order to sell african music 2 younger market they need ... Binyavanga Wainaina, from “Oxfamming the whole black world“.

Caturday felids: cat pwns bat, hears baby talk « Why Evolution Is True


Dec 10, 2011 ... (Do Americans do/ did WotNos?, if under another name?) ... 'Fledermaus' would rather mean 'wing mouse'. ..... get hold of your mate and ask him to copy and paste something he has over to here; I've Oxfammed my Pinkers.

My Favorite Magic Shop - Mystic Medusa


Jul 3, 2015 ... I'm so compulsive lately I'm not even Oxfamming or ebaying. .... I'm glad you're enjoying it darlink, and by all means continue to do so….but no, ...

wayneandwax.com » 2008 » February


Feb 28, 2008 ... The number of American adults is about 230 million, meaning that ... I'm really impressed with his ability to do so, and I'm grateful for the ... Oxfamming the whole black world : Binyavanga Wainaina : Mail & Guardian Online.

Communist University: December 2007


Dec 30, 2007 ... It is hard to see what is mean by that term in these circumstances. ..... ”Unless you can indicate to the contrary, please note that I did not make the ..... article on “ Oxfamming” of last week than with anything in today's selection.

Radio To Go: OxjamBrum: not just a festival; it's a boot camp


Sep 17, 2012 ... The idea is to take a multi-venue event, before 'Oxfamming' it." ... However, that doesn't mean they don't want to do good by Oxfam as well; ...

bard? | ain't life wonderful?


Oxfammed Consciences. Crackers. ... Sir Bob does much better. I want to shag a redcoat. ... Festooned by mean arthritic brown chains. Partners in flotsam and ...

The Concrete Gardener: March 2008


Mar 20, 2008 ... For more information on what the Watson is and what Katie did on her ... That means that protecting wildlife and enjoying parenting doesn't come .... I thought a bit about a recent article "Oxfamming the Whole Black World", ...

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Why Is Most Nordic Noir Really Bad? - Adrian McKinty's blog


Jan 13, 2016 ... A good Northern Irish mystery will have trouble finding an audience (even in ... I mean you can read Michael Connelly, say, and still sense a love of LA. ... I've read and almost instantly Oxfammed The Hitman's Guide to ...

Transcript: The Ethics of Aid | On Being


Aug 27, 2009 ... I will fix it for you,' and it rides roughshod over your own best efforts. .... Ms. Tippett : You note in that article, I mean, it's very striking and disturbing, ..... Read his provocative and influential essays "Oxfamming the Whole Black ...