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Panocha, in New Mexico and southern Colorado, is a pudding made from ground sprouted wheat and piloncillo. It is traditionally eaten during Lent. The sprouted- wheat flour is called "panocha flour" or simply "panocha", as well. In other regions , "panocha" can mean penuche or panuche.


Panocha definition, Also, penuche. a coarse grade of sugar made in Mexico. See more.


The sprouted-wheat flour is called "panocha flour" or simply "panocha", as well. In other regions, "panocha" can mean penuche or panuche. In the Philippines, it  ...


panocha translation english, Spanish - English dictionary, meaning, see also ' pancha',panocho' ... Do you really know where they are taking that woman?


Panocha definition: a coarse grade of sugar made in Mexico | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Source. Translation of panocha from the Collins Spanish to English Dictionary. Comments. Comment by Mubeda on 18 Mar 2016. No quite c*nt, it means pussy only, and it's origin is Colombian, instead of Mexican. Report as inappropriate.


The definition of panocha is a coarse sugar made in Mexico. The course Mexican sugar used to make Bunuelos (sweet fried breads), or Capa de Azucar Y ...


Define panocha: fudge made usually of brown sugar, butter, cream or milk, and nuts.


Spanish Slang Words for vagina in Mexico and Central America. Mexico: pucha, concha, panocha, papaya, pepa, verija, cachucha, guayabo, chocho, la pepita, ...