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Measurement Abbreviations and Conversions - For Dummies


Recipes are full of culinary codes like abbreviations and weird measurements ( how big ... You can find common abbreviations for measurements here, as well as ... ... Abbreviation(s), What It Stands For. C, c, cup. g, gram. kg, kilogram. L, l, liter.

ABBREVIATIONS USED IN RECIPES T., tbs., tb., tbsp. = tablespoon ...


ABBREVIATIONS USED IN RECIPES. T., tbs., tb., tbsp. = tablespoon pk. = peck tsp., t. = teaspoon bu. = bushel c. = cup oz. = ounce spk. = speck pt. = pint.

Recipe Abbreviations Volume Equivalents Equivalent Weights ...


Recipe Abbreviations approx. ... gram kg. = kilogram vol. = volume. mL. = milliliter . L. = liter fl oz. = fluid ounce. No. or # ... Spoons can have plastic handles.

commonly used recipe abbreviations - Miss Vickie


l. liter. lb. pound. mil. milliliter. min. minute or minutes. oz. ounce or ounces ... Do not confuse dry measure with liquid measure, because they are not the same.

Cookbook:Units of measurement - Wikibooks, open books for an ...


Recipes from different parts of the world use different units of measurement. ... In cooking the old unit Liter (l) is commonly used to measure volume. ... The prefix modifiers can be used with any unit and thus 1 cl (centiliter) is equal to 1/100 of a  ...

German Cooking Abbreviations (DanT's Grid Blog) - Oracle Blogs


Jul 20, 2007 ... German Abbreviation, German Meaning, English Meaning ... Does anyone know if "Tl" is simply a typo and it was supposed to read "TL", or is ...

Measurements for Cooking, cooking and foods of Provence, by ...


... for cooking. French cuisine, cooking, dining and foods of Provence, France by Provence Beyond. ... °F, °C, Oven Dial Setting, Baking Term. 518, 270, 9 ... The word cuillerèe is also used, but technically means "the contents of the spoon".

Cooking Directions - French for Cruisers


The following words and phrases commonly appear in cooking instructions given on French ... a can le mélange the mixture la garniture the filling. Amounts une cuillère à café ... c. à c. and c. à s. are abbreviations for teaspoon ... ½ l … d'eau.

The meaning of "EL" in German cooking recipes - Cooking - Toytown ...


Oct 24, 2007 ... The meaning of "EL" in German cooking recipes ... And do you cook this god in oil or butter? 0 ... Chicago, your post brought back some memories of long ago of my riding the "L" elevated train in Chicago for 1.5 hours from the ...

Need definition of "dl" as measurement - Chowhound


Dec 2, 2007 ... Am new to downloading recipes and am finding that several recipes use .... When a recipe calls for a teaspoon of something it means the spoon ...

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Chef Kevin Cottle | Common Cooking Abbreviations


Jul 6, 2013 ... Common cooking abbreviations by Corporate Chef Kevin Cottle. ... Bushel. C, C., c, c. Cup. c/l, Centiliter. cn, cn. Can. ctn, ctn. Carton. cu, cu.

TBL - What does TBL stand for? The Free Dictionary - Acronyms and ...


Acronym, Definition. TBL, Tablespoon (cooking). TBL, The Timberland Company (stock symbol; Stratham, NH). TBL, The Buried Life (TV series). TBL, Turkish ...

Measurement Equivalents and Abbreviations - Betty Crocker


In Betty's recipes, we have used the larger measurement—1/4 cup, not 4 ... Betty's recipes don't use abbreviations, but other recipes do, so we've .... This information will only be used to send an email to your friend(s) and l not be saved .