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User Data and Settings Management for Windows XP in a Windows ...


Aug 1, 2001 ... A profile is created the first time that a user logs on to a Windows XP, ... printer connections, mouse settings, and window size and position. ...... There's nothing inherent in roaming that will cause problems, but the ..... Folder redirection failures only affect the folder redirection extension on a per folder ba...

Reducing the size of your Windows profile - Super User


Feb 28, 2011 ... Do you have any other tips for reducing the size of the Windows profile? ... the Desktop my My Documents can reduce the size of a roaming profile. ... Browse other questions tagged windows user-profiles profile or ask your ...

windows xp - Temp profile used when User logs in - Super User


May 6, 2010 ... Two are the exact same size with the same modified date (5/5/10) ... ok so all I did was delete the profile that was the smallest around 18 .... Browse other questions tagged windows-xp user-profiles or ask your own question.

Understanding the errors behind a temporary Windows profile


Our expert explains why a Microsoft Windows temporary profile is assigned to a user and ... Our expert shows how that can happen and how to fix the underlying problem. ... SearchWindowsServer; 18 Why is logon with roaming profile taking so long . ... The user profile in question has been locked by a system service or an ...

ICC Frequently asked questions - International Color Consortium


Should I include or exclude the fluorescence in my measurements? ... Does HTML support the ICC colour profile with a particular tag? .... to refract the reflected light and enable measurement of the amount of light reflected at discrete wavelengths. .... Other platforms, including Windows XP and earlier, have more limited ICC ...

How does a roaming user profile work? - SearchVirtualDesktop


Microsoft's roaming profiles give IT administrators a basic option to provide users with their ... One of the problems with roaming profiles is that profiles can grow to be quite large. The logon or logoff duration increases according to the profile size because of the .... Learn how these integrated systems affect private cloud .

User Profiles - Terminal Services for Windows Server 2003


Aug 7, 2007 ... A user that logs on to any Windows NT, 2000, XP, or 2003 computer uses some .... Obviously, local profiles can cause problems in an environment with multiple ... If that field is blank, the server will attempt to load the roaming profile from .... Profiles can easily be several or even dozens of megabytes in size.

Deeper into the Windows Registry | Gizmo's Freeware


Jul 13, 2014 ... Answers to some other common questions ... Some in-memory Registry hives do not have on-disk hive files .... Likewise multiple hardware profiles can be used. ... The minimized size of the user settings also makes it easier to ... This was an issue with Windows XP but I'm unsure if it still applies given the ...

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about lynda.com's video-based ...


Completing a course does not mean that the member is then certified in that respective software, it only reflects that they completed the course .... Today, your users can integrate their lynda.com course completion certificates with their LinkedIn profile. ...... If you are using Windows XP you can click Start -> Documents -> My...

How to configure Roaming Profiles and Folder Redirection


Aug 18, 2010 ... How to configured Roaming Profiles Folder Redirection without the ... If you are a Windows XP user this will translate to .... Limit profile size (NOT RECOMMENDED) .... the Applications Data folders and how they will affect your computers. ..... question is how do i get the existing profile info i.e. desktop, icons  ...

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Is Your Bloated User Profile Slowing Windows Down? - Muskego ...


May 5, 2011 ... The question above asked do you have a lot of Files/Folders on your desktop? If you answered ... Storing files on the desktop is convenient, but in the long run it can hurt and affect your PC. To see the size of your user profile: Open up the ... If your machine has Windows XP, you will want to: Create a c:My ...

Chapter 27. Desktop Profile Management - Samba


Apr 3, 2003 ... Roaming profiles support is different for Windows 9x/Me and Windows ... Windows NT4 and later will experience problems with mixed profile environments. ... Affect the following settings and ALL clients will be forced to use a ..... A Windows NT4/200x/XP profile can vary in size from 130KB to very large.

36 Short questions and tips for Outlook 2013 - HowTo-Outlook


Which versions of Windows does Outlook 2013 support? ... Can I decrease the font size that is being used in the message list? ... Windows XP and Windows Vista are not supported. ... contact in the Contacts folder and in the Reading Pane , click on any of the links under the Profile section to open that specific contact item.