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The transmission valve, or transmission modulator valve, controls the point at which gears are shifted. The modulator valve works together with the governor or  ...

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Feb 17, 2015 ... Transmission modulators act as a vacuum kickdown valve which is used by ... filter,i might change the modulator valve,if they don't work,it looks like i'll have to get a ... BUT if it does, the RPM sounds high and it jerks into 2nd.

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Other cars use a vacuum modulator to apply pressure to the throttle valve. ... light throttle, the throttle valve does not apply much pressure against the shift valve.

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The transmission modulator determines when the transmission should shift. ... In the absence of the modulator valve (such as a chrysler torque-flite), the ...

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The function of a transmission modulator valve is to regulate the timing of gears shifting. ... What does a transmission control solenoid do? ... You May Also Like.

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Spotting problems before they get worse shows what to look for to prevent a minor ... The Torque Converter which acts like a clutch to allow the vehicle to come to a stop in ... The Governor and the Modulator or Throttle Cable that monitor speed and throttle .... The valve body is the control center of the automatic transmission.

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The modulator takes this vacuum signal and helps tell the transmission when to ... Transmission fluid also does a good job of cleaning out your engine, by the way. ... This is a valve that's connected to the throttle so that the transmission knows ... If this happens, it's just like leaving your vehicle in gear with your foot of...

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Jul 6, 2013 ... Vacuum modulator c4 tranny this one does not have a bracket? ... Fabi: does yours look like this? and are you wanting to change it out? .... I have a 1977 Ford Thunderbird and im looking at the transmission shift valve .. I need ...

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Jan 3, 2010 ... Does this sound like a trans prob it just started about a couple of ... The modulator positions a valve so the fluid at high vacuum does not .... Heck it almost scares me to death when I step out of the shower and look in the mirror.

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I figure that under boost the trans goes to full pressure, just like it would with no vacuum. ... modulator can be replaced with a mechanical linkage that operates the modulator valve. ... I'm running only 5 psi right now, so I'll try it and see what it does. .... It never hurts to try something new anyway you look at it!

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Another way to test for a bad modulator valve is to drive your car, starting at a complete stop and then ... I really don't like the modulator system, I like the old chrysler trannys better, they didn't have them ... What Does Transmission Date Mean?

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Vacuum-operated modulator valves are installed in automobile automatic ... diaphragm inside the modulator valve ruptures, transmission fluid is drawn up to the engine like ... Be sure to bring this up if you have a mechanic look over your car.

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There's no need to look elsewhere to grab a new Automatic Transmission Modulator Valve. Auto Parts Warehouse can provide an excellent replacement for you ...