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The body is destined for resurrection, transformation and reunion with spirit at Christ's return. To find out if cremation is ok, you can turn to Scripture to find out.


People throughout Bible times treated the human body with great respect, and ... As we finish examining what the Bible says about cremation let's consider the ...


Apr 24, 2012 ... My husband and I would like to be cremated after our deaths. Our families do not approve. Is there scripture that will back us in our decision?


Although burning the remains of the dead is mentioned a few times in the Bible, the modern practice of cremation is not specifically addressed. One account ...


Jul 6, 2005 ... Does the Bible forbid cremation? This has been a ... One of our cousins, however , claims the Bible says you can't go to heaven if you're cremated.


Answer: The Bible does not give any specific teaching about cremation. ... In the cultures of Bible times, burial in a tomb, cave, or in the ground was the common ...


Does the Bible support cremation for the believer or teach burial? A careful examination of Scriptural evidence along with earnest prayer should lead us to an ...


Does the Bible have anything to say about cremation?


Christian Views on Cremation - Are you confused about what the Bible says ... Over the years, many factors have affected man's choice of what to do with the ...