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First Names: Mary
1. Hebrew: Bitter; the star of the sea
2. Italian: Beautiful
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Mary is a feminine given name, the English form of the name Maria, which was in turn a Latin form of the Greek names Μαριάμ (Mariam) and Μαρία (Maria), ...


This is the name of several New Testament characters, most importantly Mary the mother of Jesus. According to the gospels, Jesus was conceived in her by the ...


In Hebrew the meaning of the name Mary is: Wished-for child; rebellion; bitter. Famous Bearers: the Virgin Mary; Mary Magdalene; Mary, Queen of Scots.


The English name Mary is a transliteration of the Greek name Maria, which in turn ... audience the idea of bitterness has as much to do with grief as with strength.


Meaning of the name Mary: Anglicized form of Maria, which is derived from the ... I realize now that part of my intense dislike for Mary has to do with being ...


Mary: Meaning, origin, and popularity of the girl's name Mary plus advice on Mary and 50000 other baby names from the bestselling ... Mary? What do you think?


The Hebrew form of her name is Miryam. ... Though the meaning of Mary as derived from the Egyptian Mery, Meryt (cherished, .... 42); gracious or charming one (from ra'am which word does not have this meaning in the Old Testament; cf. v.


Sep 12, 2011 ... Today the Church honors the Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary, recalling also her patronage of Christians as (through the intercession of ...


Definition and meaning:MARY ma'-ri, mar'-i (Maria, Mariam, Greek form of ... Nevertheless all served God's messianic plan; so does Mary, whose son was not ..... (1) The name Mary occurs in 51 passages of the New Testament to which the  ...