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Not sure if you have a grip in mind but a lighter grip will help to bring the .... off the tip the one which was butt trimmed will have a lower flex.

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Dec 4, 1998 ... How can we get them all at the proper flex, given that most shafts today are bought in one size for all irons (or woods) and trimmed to length for ...

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Nov 11, 2014 ... One of our Twitter followers @mtiger_10 sent us this question: "New drivers are too long for us short guys. What are the effects on a club if I trim ...

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Aug 17, 2014 ... If we want to drop the ball flight down, we can get a shaft with a firm tip. ... a shaft with a lot of tip flex to help add loft to your clubface at impact.

Question: What Effect Does Trimming the Shaft Have on Flex? Answer: When golf shafts are manufactured and shipped to clubmakers and clubmaking companies, they are in what is called a "raw, uncut form." Cutting more of the grip end will still stiffen the shaft a little ... More »
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If you tip trim the shafts, then YES, the flex will most likely to up. ... trimming from the butt end of the club usually only has marginal impact on the flex of the club.

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The shaft physically attaches the hands of the ... All of these variables can quite dramatically effect the association ... droop, twist and flex deliberately built in by design. Naturally, the average player has less .... TRIMMING INSTRUCTIONS

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Many websites will offer a "wrist-to-floor" chart to give an initial starting point ... Flex. What will the effect be on flex? It will be minimal. As you are shortening ... Taking an inch off the butt does not have the same effect that tip trimming a shaft has.

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At our requests, shafts in each flex were cut to 43.75" and 45.75" inches. ... would have been blind to eliminate any possibility of the placebo effect, however; .... Cutting 2" off the shaft will dramatically lower the swing weight of your driver (with  ...

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Shaft flex is probably the most common component of club fitting. ...... There was also no mention of shaft profile, which can have more effect than flex. ..... I'm wondering if their X flex isn't mitigated by the way the tip is trimmed so that they cover ...

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Shafts that do not bend very easily are considered to have a stiff flex, or have high ... But how will changes in tip and butt trimming affect the flex of the shaft?

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Jun 1, 2013 ... Hi, I've read conflicting things about effect of shaft flex of cutting down driver. ... Adding the weight to the club will soften it on a 1 cpm per .... If I could have found one with that 55g stiff shaft that is on the R1, or a R11s TP mint ...

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Selecting the right flex for your shaft is key to good ball striking. ... Cutting a club from the butt end will have somewhat the opposite effect, making the shaft stiffer ...

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Dec 16, 2010 ... My current driver has a Matrix Ozik XCon 5.5 S-flex. ... Cutting your shaft (butt cutting) 2 inches will drop the swing weight down four points.

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Jun 24, 2010 ... I got a R flex and cut the driver down from 45.75" to 44.50". ... Cutting the shaft down from the butt end will have a negligible affect on the flex.