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Banana Red · Blue Raspberry · Buck Bunny · Cranberry · Electric Melon · Key Lime Pie ... There are so many different flavors of MDMad Dog20/20. The best one is the original “red grape wine” omg it taste like grape kool-aid. Only warning I ...


Jun 7, 2013 ... Like the title says, list your top 5 flavours of Mad Dog 20/20 in this thread. ... real as we reveal the second best flavour of MD 20/20, and this is:


THE "ORIGINAL" READY-TO-DRINK. Our grape wine is made with juicy, luscious fruit infused with tasty flavors to create a unique variety of MD 20/20 selections.


MD 20/20 is a cheap fortified wine(has brandy in it). Stereotypically favored ... So far blue has been the best flavor I tried. Banana red tasted like ...


Jul 7, 2011 ... MD 20/20 was at the vanguard of the bum wine industry that dominated the ... There are several flavors available, and I went with the three coolest-colored ... hopes, but alas, this was the worst dog in this pretty good show.


Mad Dog, also known as MD 20/20, is a fortified wine produced by Mogen David wineries. It is available in various flavors, such as "Pink Grapefruit", "Wild ... Its cheap Ive had it before, not the best tasting in to world and it ...


Jul 5, 2007 ... When I was in high school, my friends and I had a really good connect ... of MD 20 / 20s for the prom after party - all of the different flavors. ... My memory is that MD 20/20 was always the drink that led to fighting back in the day.


May 12, 2016 ... With flavors like Orange Jubilee, Banana Red, Electric Melon and Blue ... Enjoy and best of luck with your tango with MD 20/20, it is an ...


Our research indicates that Mad Dog 20/20 is the best of the bum wines at making you feel ... There is also a new "Blue Raspberry" flavor with "BLING BLING".