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Gang colors include clothing, accessories, or tattoos of a specific color or colors that represent an affiliation to a specific gang or gang branch.

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Bloods rep Red and a certain set: Bounty Hunters wear Green. Crips rep Blue and certain sets ... How does the Crips gang and the Bloods gang work ?

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There are quite a few street gangs that wear the color green, such as:Sex Money Murder Bloods(wear red & green)-Blood Alliance gang.Lincoln Park ...

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lime green means Patria, it's a dominican gang,very big one. As for dark green, i have no clue,everyone is trying to claim that color for their gang. No comments.

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What are some different motorcycle gang colors? ... A: The traditional Rasta colors each symbolize an aspect of the Ethiopian region, black civil rights and/or the ...

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top rankin' rep colors by Varrios & Hoods, but there's also many others like purple , gold, burgundy and green used to represent. But you won't ...

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A green bandana / flag is worn by the Bay Area Crips (BAC) on the left pocket. They usually wear black and green to represent the Hyphy Movement.

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I want to know what bandana color means what cause I like to wear bandanas to hold ... What does the pink,orange,green, and yellow bandana mean in gangs?

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Read about motorcycle clubs colors and which motorcycle gangs wear what. ... and members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club wear green [source: Pugmire].

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“Criminal street gang" means any ongoing organization .... Blood Soldiers or Dawgs. ◦ Drug dealers and associates. Colors: ◦ Red. ◦ Black. ◦ Green. ◦ Brown ...