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Guinea Pigs are domesticated and eat commercial pellets, fruits and vegetables.


May 7, 2017 ... Photo courtesy of HappyCavy fan pyza*. Guinea pigs are always eating. Whether it's pellets, grass hay, daily greens, or the occasional fruit ...


Apr 20, 2015 ... We provide an detailed list of food your Guinea Pigs really like and also a blacklist which food should not be provided to build up a proper diet.


What can guinea pigs eat? What food to avoid? Are nutritional supplements a good idea? Guinea Pig Manual answers common questions about healthy diet.


It is perfectly normal for guinea pigs to eat their own droppings. Much like rabbits, guinea pigs produce two sorts of droppings. The first being hard and dry ones ...


Alfalfa Hay - Only give to pregnant, nursing, or young guinea pigs under 6 months of age. Alfalfa ... Guinea pigs should eat about 1 cup of vegetables each day.


Guinea pig eating vegetables. What do people really feed their guinea pigs? It's different for everyone and depends on what is in season, whether you are ...


Vegetables are an essential part of guinea pigs' diet. Try to feed 3 VEGETABLE SERVINGS PER DAY. BE SURE ONE IS SOME TYPE OF LEAFY GREEN.


Every day, I feed my guinea pigs fresh vegetables and occasionally a little fruit. Fresh foods play an important role in your guinea pigs diet, along with unlimited ...


Apr 6, 2017 ... Feed your guinea pig hay. Guinea pigs love hay! They need it for digestive and dental health. Guinea pigs should have unlimited access to hay, ...