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Have been given a gold coloured bracelet stamped "777", can anyone help me ... at 777jewelry.com - so it might be their branding rather than a hallmark, which I ...


I guess 777 on it and it did not stick to the magnet is it real gold ... read more. Hi i got chain gold tone ..... I have a necklace with a hallmark of 777 is it real gold?


i have a gold necklace with the hallmark 777 but i took it to a pro and its not gold.


Does 18 karat white gold have a hallmark of 750? yes! Hallmark for 18 Karat gold is 750 which means that alloy contains 75% of gold! 7 people found this useful.


777 is a European mark meaning 77.7% pure gold...we use karat in USA and 777 would be 18.648 ... How much is your gold worth with hallmark 777 on it?


Introduction Dealing with jewelry on a daily basis I am frequently asked by both customers, friends and family, "How do you KNOW it's real?" Sometimes, the ...


May 16, 2016 ... We list the hallmarks for each precious metal below: Gold: Karat gold is the purest gold substance used in jewelry today. Any items that contain ...


Finding karat gold at collectibles malls, flea markets or garage sales can be fun but identifying what gold you're buying is critical to avoid scams and save money  ...


Mar 14, 2011 ... Hallmarking of platinum jewellery, weighing over 0.5g has been compulsory in the UK since 1975. A simple platinum hallmark guide.


Identify the hallmarks on your gold using our free hallmark identification wizard.