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Small Claims Court: Paying a Judgment - Lawyers.com


If someone (the plaintiff) has filed a lawsuit against you in small claims court, you, as the defendant, may lose ... What Happens If You Don't Pay the Judgment?

Creditor Gets a Judgment Against You - Now What? | Credit.com


Jan 25, 2012 ... If you don't respond, or if you lose, the court will issue a judgment in ..... might happen if he is unable to pay and the creditor gets a judgment ...

Factsheet No.7 What happens when I have a judgment debt to pay?

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If I don't have any money or wages that can be ... What happens if I am unable to pay the debt in any way at all? If there is a court order that you have to pay,.

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The courts typically don't get involved, which means it's up to you to collect your ... If your debtor is unwilling to pay and you know they have the means, it's time to ... Neighbor Disputes: What to Do When Your Neighbor Invades Your Property.

Small claims court: how to enforce a judgment and get your money ...


Nov 20, 2010 ... But what happens if you go to court and get a judgment in your favour, and the ... "Those who don't receive payment find themselves initiating ...

Property/Money Collection after Small Claims Court Judgment - The ...


If you don't file a motion to vacate or appeal, you have to pay the judgment. ... If this happens, get in touch with the credit agency and tell them you're challenging  ...

What To Do When a Default Judgment Has Been Entered Against ...


May 29, 2012 ... If you don't submit a written answer to the lawsuit the court can enter a default ... Alternatively, if you are going to need to pay the judgment off in ...

Creditor takes you to court for debt - Citizens Advice


What happens if your creditor takes you to the county court to get a county court judgment (CCJ) to make you pay the money you owe. ... If you owe money and don't pay it back, the people you owe money to may eventually take you to court.

County Court Judgments (CCJ) Questions | PayPlan


... owe money to. Court action can still occur even if you are making token payments to the creditors. ... What happens if I don't pay the CCJ? Once a CCJ has ...

If a judgment is made against you - enforcement process - Legal Aid


Mar 31, 2015 ... I don't owe the money. ... A means inquiry hearing is where the court decides if you can pay the debt. It is a chance for the judgment creditor to get details of what you owe and own, your income and anything else about your financial ... What can happen if I don't pay the debt after the court makes an order?

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If you go to court to defend yourself against a claim that you owe money and your ... When you don't pay a judgment debt, your creditor may ask the court for a warrant to seize ... More information about what to do when the sheriff contacts you.

Don't Sue Unless You Can Collect the Judgment | Nolo.com


A court may decide in your favor, but it won't collect the judgment for you. ... If a person fails to pay a judgment voluntarily, the easiest way to collect in most states  ...

The Small Claims Court, A Guide to Its Practical Use - California ...


If the court awards the other party a judgment against you, and you don't intend to appeal, it's better to pay the judgment as soon as possible, since that will save ...