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Dec 26, 2012 ... So I had my alternator & starter, along with a new battery changed around March of this ... If its bad it can under charge and also overcharge.

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Alternator Repair, what is an alternator, bad alternator symptoms,help ... An overcharging alternator can "boil a battery dry", so if your battery gets low on .... myself instead of using my lifetime warranty, just to make sure it gets good parts and ...

Can an car alternator put out too much power and ruin a battery ...


After the guy looked at it he told me my alternator was putting out too ... You can destroy the battery if the alternator overcharges the battery.

diagnose faulty voltage regulator causing battery overcharging?


Apr 27, 2014 ... The alternator died (at least that is what I thought) as the battery kept going flat. ... with the voltage regulator causing batteries to overcharge and boil dry. ... If it is constantly charging would that kill a battery? ... These things happen sometimes. ... During notice period, my manager wants me to document ...

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The reasons alternators overcharge include issues with the battery, drive belt, alternator output, external regulator and type of alternator, explains ... Why does my car idle high in park? ... What happens if you put too much coolant in a car? Q:  ...

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An overcharging alternator can cause permanent damage to the vehicle's battery. ... This happens in newer vehicles with alternators that need signals from the vehicle's ... When the wrong alternator has been installed in a stock vehicle or if the ...

Charging system diagnostics: battery, alternator, and related systems


When your charging system is having issues test it with these steps to isolate the problem. ... If this happens, charge the battery out of the car to confirm it is still good. ... If the circuit is shorted the alternator will run full field and will overcharge, if ...

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What happens when you turn the key and try to start the engine? If ... If the solenoid that energizes the starter motor is faulty or has loose electrical ... When an A-circuit regulator loses positive voltage, the alternator will overcharge if the field still ...

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How to Tell if Your Alternator Has Gone Bad A dead alternator can cause all kinds of ... a higher number indicates that the alternator is overcharging the battery. ... it only happens in the winter. when cold. also in the winter my car wont hold a ...

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Jun 29, 2011 ... Visit me at: http://www.ericthecarguy.com/ I got together with my ... now I have noticed it overcharging the battery sometimes and the voltage ... can an alternator still be bad if you pull out the cable and it runs the positive cable.
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Q: What happens if my alternator overcharges?
A: you will need a new alternator unless you are capable of tearing the alternator apart and replacing the voltage regulator inside it. Read More »
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Q: What happens when the alternator doesn't work on my 2006 Acura RL...
A: The battery will run down. Read More »
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Q: Electrical issue with 1992 pontiac sunbird. lately when i put my ...
A: How much amperage is the alternator putting out? To check this, put a volt meter across the battery terminals. Boost car & let run. Remove booster cables & read... Read More »
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Q: My 01 explorer sport won't start, I had the battery charged and t...
A: It sounds like a fault in the starter circuit. It could be a defective neutral safety switch, starter solenoid, or possible a defective ignition switch but I do... Read More »
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