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What It Means To Have A Judgment Filed Against You


Oct 18, 2015 ... If you do fight and lose the lawsuit, a judgment will be entered. ... What Happens When A Judgment Is Entered Against You ... I really appreciate all the work you did on these lawsuits and for working out this settlement for me.

What happens when a judgement is filed against me? | Reference.com


When someone files a suit against a person to get a judgement, it means that the person who filed the suit, the plaintiff, feels they are owed money by the ...

Court judgments for debt: Your options after the gavel


May 6, 2014 ... Having a judgment for debt filed against you is frightening, but not the final word. ... on your exempt property before they happen, consumer attorneys say. .... i just had a credit card judgement against me renewed for another 5 ...

What happens if I do not have the money to pay the debt or judgment?


A creditor or debt collector can win a lawsuit against you even if you are ... take any of your assets or income even though they have a judgment against you.

What Happens If I Get A Judgment Against Me? - Detroit Bankruptcy ...


Oct 13, 2011 ... A default judgment will be entered against you. That is a paper the judge signs that says you owe the money. The significance is, after the ...

If a judgement is filed against me what will happen? - JustAnswer


Legal Eagle : Ok. To obtain a judgment, they will have to file a court case against you, and if you don't respond they will get a default judgment, or if they win the ...

What Does It Mean to Have Judgment Filed Against You?


I'm trying to avoid filing a 13 while I wait to see what happens with my income (up or ... Before a judgment can be issued, a lawsuit must be filed against you. ... to put a judgement on me for the unpaid annual due and past due charges,etc.

How Creditors Enforce Judgments | Nolo.com


Once a judgment is entered against you, the creditor is now called a judgment creditor, and you are called a judgment debtor. Judgment creditors have many ...

How long does a creditor have to collect on a judgment against me ...


How long a judgment against you lasts depends on state law. But creditors ... For example, if a judgment was filed against you in Arizona, it is good for five years.

What to do if a court judgment has been entered against you - Cripps


Mar 13, 2015 ... Sometimes, unfortunate circumstances or a reluctance to meet legal proceedings head-on can result in judgment being obtained against you or ...

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Creditor Gets a Judgment Against You - Now What? | Credit.com


Jan 25, 2012 ... The judgment will be filed with the court, and once that happens, it is public record. That means it .... A judgement was just entered against me.



Jan 15, 2014 ... 1) Is vacating the judgment an option for me? If you contested the case ( answered the lawsuit) and the court entered a judgment against you, ...

What To Do When a Default Judgment Has Been Entered Against You


May 29, 2012 ... If you have a judgment entered against you it can be difficult to get the court ... Does the above mean that I now have a judgement against me?